Dave Moorer: The Crossroads of Development and Security

Dave Moorer interned at the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) in Germany last semester. The Center is a non-profit organization providing research, training, and consultancy services for peacebuilding and development issues worldwide.

Dave collaborated to design a new program addressing sexual violence in war and post-conflict environments. This program seeks to identify the various motivations and typologies of sexual violence in order to shape future public policy.


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11/20: Free Conference Explores Digital Communication as Vehicle for Change

The sheer volume of information in circulation today can make the delivery of a clear message difficult. Under those circumstances, how do dynamic communicators connect with the right people? How are critical messages being shaped to cut through the clutter? Who is defining these messages of change? And where can people turn to feel more connected to the issues they care about?

11/12: Public Lecture on Strategies For Reducing Small Arms Violence

Small arms and light weapons, readily available at low cost, concealable, and low maintenance, are often referred to as “weapons of mass destruction, in slow motion.” The international community is now fully engaged in trying to reduce and prevent the violence perpetrated worldwide using these deadly tools. 

MIIS Professor’s LA Times Op-Ed Criticizes West’s Approach to Discouraging Afghan Opium Trade

The ineffectiveness and sometimes counterproductive consequences of Western efforts to curb opium production are outlined clearly in a Los Angeles Times op-ed piece authored by Monterey Institute Professor Moyara Ruehsen.

Toyi Sogoyou: Inside the UN Department of Political Affairs

Toyi Sogoyou at the United Nations


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Symposium Draws Attention to Children of War

Posted March 9, 2009

Campus Event: The Gaza Question

Posted March 17, 2009

Maya Soetoro-Ng Addresses MIIS Students & Faculty

Posted March 20, 2009
Maya Soetoro Ng


Campus Event Showcases Student Projects from Chile to Cambodia

Posted April 7, 2009

Institute Staffer’s Foreign Policy Interview Picked Up by USA Today, Others

Posted May 4, 2009