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Middlebury Institute graduates are highly marketable. Our graduates obtain positions with leading international businesses and organizations because they have proven, again and again, that they have the skills to hit the ground running after graduate school. When it comes time to find fulfilling careers, they benefit from the assistance of Middlebury Institute’s broad network of well-placed alumni, faculty, and Career Center staff.

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You can be the voice of an organization, ensure worldwide project launches, and expand market share.

Localization is the process whereby software, websites, multimedia presentations, documents, or any objects are not only translated but also adapted to another culture. Employers across this $40 billion and rapidly growing industry rely on the Middlebury Institute as their go-to source for finding localization management talent. To meet this need we have developed three specializations, each requiring different levels of language expertise: translationlocalization, and management

Michael Czinkota

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Dr. Czinkota teaches international business and trade at the McDonough Graduate School of Business at Georgetown University, where he also served as the chairman of the National Center for Export-Import Studies. Fluent in Spanish and German, he has held professorial appointments in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

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