Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
How do I get the result of the placement test?

The course placement will be entered into Bannerweb, and will appear as courses that have approval for you to register. If you don't see any course approval, that may mean that you didn't pass the placement test, or your test was not evaluated completely. Please contact Prof. Matsuo.

How do I get placed into a language class?

Everyone who would like to take/audit a language course needs to take the language placement test. The placement test is offered only twice a year, prior to the start of each semester. Completion of the sumemr programs or other standardized test scores do not replace the placement test. The test site is available for a certain period of time (7-10 days). If you miss the test period, there are two make-up test days scheduled, but your course placement may not be done before the class registration if you don't take the placement test during the official testing period.

What do I do if I didn't pass the placement test in my LOS?

You will meet with Professor Matsuo to discuss the 'In-Degree Language Plan', which lays out a plan to complete all the Language and ICC component requirements within the timeframe you have at MIIS.

Can I take a Translation & Interpretation class?

You wil first need to take the LS placement test and place into the 400-level or above. You will then need to take the EDT of the T&I program. Upon sucessful demonstration of a high proficiency level, you may take an introductory T&I course to fulfill the language component requirement up to a certain number of credits.

Can I take more than one language?

Yes. You do need to fulfill the 12-credit requirement in your LOS, but you can take additional language courses which apply towards program electives. If interested, you can also audit some language courses as long as you can demonstrate the minimum language proficiency required in the language. If you are interested in taking any language course, you need to take the placement test of the language.

Can I take a language class in a language that isn't regularly offered at MIIS?

Yes. Based on the special requests at the time of admission, languages other the languages above can be offered. In the past, we have had German, Korean, Farsi, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, Urdu, etc. These are called Non-Regular Language (NRL) courses, and are usually very small classes. There is a special set-up fee for NRL. Other than the class size, the NRL courses have the same standard as out regular language courses.

What languages are regularly offered?

We have Arabic, Chinese, English (called English for Academic and Professional Purposes, EAPP), French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Can I change my language (LOS) half way through my education at MIIS?

Only with strong reasons, occasionally switching your LOS is approved. You need to first discuss this with Prof. Matsuo, Academic Advisor for the Language Studies Program.

What language skills does a 400-level course entail?

When students start a 400-level course, they should be able to:

What language skills does a 300-level course entail?

When students start a 300-level course, they should be able to: