Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Is there a language requirement at MIIS?

All degree programs at MIIS except TESOL and T&I have 12-credit Language and ICC component requirement as part of the degree program. Different degree programs have different requirements.

Are there language scholarships for MIIS students?

We have a very generous scholarship program (Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace http://www.miis.edu/admissions/financialaid/scholarships/davis) that enables students to study in a summer intensive program during their time at MIIS with 100% of its cost covered. You can apply for the scholarship once you enroll at MIIS. There is an information session scheduled in late October/November to help become competitive applicant for this scholarship. Stay tuned for announcement for the event!

What opportunities for language studies are available on campus?

We have many students who become 'language partners' and exchange language tutoring of each other's language. There are also 'language clubs', in which interested students promote activities related to language and culture.

Can I start a language at the beginning level?

The elementary and intermediate level languages are offered in our summer programs but not offered through our Language Studies program during the academic year, but we have a program called BUILD (http://www.miis.edu/student-life/world/stories/node/23763), where students volunteers teach elementary and intermediate language courses to their fellow students with no fee.

I have high proficiency in language. Can I waive out of the language requirement?

If you have strong 400-level proficiency, and find no language course that is beneficial for your study, you may challenge to take Language Waiver Exam. You will first have to take the placement test and demonstrate the 400 plus proficiency. Consult with Prof. Matsuo for details.

Can I skip a semester from taking a language course?

If you skip a semester from taking a language course in order to participate in an internship program, or for other reasons, expect that your proficiency goes down. You will need to take the placement test again when you return to campus, as the result of the placement test is only honored in that particular semester you took the test.

Can I delay taking a language course?

We strongly recommend that you start taking language courses from the first semseter, especially if your language skill levels are not high. It is very difficult to keep your proficiency at the same level if you take a semester off from language study, and you may not place into the program the following semester! Only when you have higher proficiency (400 or above level), you can start your language later. If you are doing one of the NRL, you are expected to take it from your first semester and continue taking until you finish the requirement.

Can I change my language class once I'm placed?

The course placement is not solely based on the result of the online placement test. If you feel that you couldn't demonstrate your proficiency in full due to the technical problems, we can redo the placement test, or if you find out that the course you are placed is not really a good match for your skill levels, we can move you to a different course. It's a good idea, though, to wait and find out first which course you're placed, go to the first class and see the course syllabus and class make-up, and if you need to, go talk to the professor of the course about the change of placement.

How do I get the result of the placement test?

The course placement will be entered into Bannerweb, and will appear as courses that have approval for you to register. If you don't see any course approval, that may mean that you didn't pass the placement test, or your test was not evaluated completely. Please contact Prof. Matsuo.

How do I get placed into a language class?

Everyone who would like to take/audit a language course needs to take the language placement test. The placement test is offered only twice a year, prior to the start of each semester. Completion of the summer programs or other standardized test scores do not replace the placement test. The test site is available for a certain period of time (7-10 days). If you miss the test period, there are two make-up test days scheduled, but your course placement may not be done before the class registration if you don't take the placement test during the official testing period.