Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
What language skills does a 400-level course entail?

When students start a 400-level course, they should be able to:

What language skills does a 300-level course entail?

When students start a 300-level course, they should be able to:

How are 300-level and 400-level courses defined?

Generally speaking, our 300-level courses correspond to a 3rd-year college language level, and 400-level courses to a 4th-year college language level.  However, we base our language level guidelines on proficiency level, rather than the number of years a student has studied the language in question.  

Why does the Institute require a certain level of language proficiency?

We require at least a 200-level (2nd-year college level) proficiency for Spanish and Arabic, and at least a 300-level (3rd-year college level) proficiency for other languages in order to offer specialized, content-based language courses.  Please note that it is not the number of years of language study you have completed that determines eligibility to enter our language program, but rather what what you can currently do with the language.

What kind of language courses are offered?

We aim for our students to develop specific content knowledge and specialized vocabulary in their target language.  As a result, our language courses are not based on literature or general cultural study nor are solely for linguistic development.  Course materials, lecture, discussion and assignments are all given in the target language. We offer, for example, courses such as 'Green Business in China', or 'Sustainable Development in Latin America', 'Public Health Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa' and 'Reading Terrorist Group websites'. 

How many language courses do I need to take to complete the language component?

Most of our MA degree programs have 12 language study and intercultural competency credits as part of their core requirements. Students are expected to take 8-12 credits of advanced level language courses, with up to 4 credits of intercultural competency (ICC) courses during their time here. 

For specific language and ICC course requirements, view your graduate degree program of choice: