Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Are there any CAT tools included in the price of the course?
No, there are not any CAT tools included in the price of the course.
However, we will be discussing the many free and low cost CAT tool options in the last session as well as going over any "secrets" of getting any mainstream CAT tool at a discounted price. Regarding cost concerns, you might be pleasantly surprised about how powerful the low and no cost "cloud-based" options can be.
Do I need to buy additional software or materials for the class?

All the tools and applications we are going to be using in the course are either a.) preinstalled, b.) on a standard Windows operating system, or c.) can be downloaded for free off the web (some as time- limited trials). 

What computer skills do I need?

You must be a strong user of Microsoft Windows. At the minimum you need to already know:

How many students are allowed in the class?

The maximum number allowed for this course is 22. Note that classes can fill up quickly and you should register as soon as possible because space is limited.

If in the unfortunate event that a class does not run due to low attendance, you will be granted a full refund of any deposit or registration fees.

What kind of student is most appropriate for this course?
  • Working translators that may feel intimidated by technology, and who have not yet made the switch to using a CAT tool as their primary translation platform
  • Translators who have tried (unsuccessfully) to self-teach using software manuals
Why don't you offer everything online?

Certain concepts are simply not able to be grasped in-depth via an online format. The mantra of Professor Ritzdorf is to "make the complex simple and fun"...for some skills (particularly those requiring technical acumen) this goal can only be realized in a traditional classroom environment. 

How is the course conducted?

On-site: Course will be in a computer lab on the campus of the Institute. The full-service computer lab with an instructor terminal, LCD over- head projector and all required software preloaded onto the machines will be provided, so students do not need to bring their laptops. Course work will be done on campus computers, so all students are using the same system. Students should bring a flash drive to back up their work. All work will be done in class for this course.