MiddCORE@Monterey faculty

Kent Glenzer

What I am most passionate about: I’m obsessed with the organizations and people who say that they are passionate about fighting poverty, social injustice, and abuse of human rights.  I’m obsessed with how these kinds of actors carve up the world a) conceptually, b) pragmatically, and c) in opposition to other actors.  I’m obsessed with the idea that there is no way to step outside of power – no way to extricate yourself or your organization from power relations, no privileged stance from which to pronounce or act in a world.  Along with many others, I believe that poverty –

Alfredo Ortiz

I believe:

Working for social change means being willing to challenge the way things are done and what is perceived as normal by many people, including ourselves.  By placing ourselves in the development picture as both agents and subjects of change we can work with others to construct a more meaningful future.

What excites me: