Philip S Carmichael

What is it that you are most excited about?

I am most excited about helping bridge the gap of understanding; both culturally and in a business context between Western and Asian societies, especially China and Japan.


What do you enjoy most about being a professor at MIIS?

The intellectual curiosity and excellence of the students makes teaching at MIIS a great experience.

Monica Bray, Ph.D.

In addition to being an adjunct professor at the MIIS, Monica Bray is currently a financial consultant to organizations and individuals around the globe and the Director of Finance & Policy at the National Laboratory for Education Transformation.  Previously, she had an extensive career in financial services and wealth management, working with some of the most respected financial institutions in the US and as an independent entrepreneur.


Gireesh Shrimali

I am passionate about: climate change mitigation via development of new technologies

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS: is the opportunity to research in and teach internationally relevant topics

Paul Breloff

Courses: Diligence Process and Decision in Impact Investment

Miguel Granier

Courses: Due Diligence Process and Decisions in Impact Investment

Dr. Peter Robertson

Dr. Peter Robertson is adjunct-professor at the Monterey Institute and associate of the Baak in the Netherlands. He is an experienced international consultant on leadership, organizational transformation and growth strategies.

Jay Badenhope

Jay Badenhope has been marketing to small businesses for the last eight years and currently as a social media marketer for Intuit’s Small Business Group. As part of Intuit’s social content team, Jay manages the Intuit Small Business Blog, coordinates blogging strategy across multiple small business product blogs, and is leading small business video production and mobile content apps.

Thomas Hout

Professor Hout joins MIIS as a visiting faculty from Cambridge, Mass. where he is an international strategy consultant and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Fletcher School at Tufts University.  He also teaches every winter at the University of Hong Kong's School of Business.  He teaches global business strategies and international economics.  His 30-year consulting career with Boston Consulting Group included living and working in Boston, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and Chicago.  He co-founded BCGs Operations practice area.  Asia is a long-term interest of his.