Stephan Cocron

I am passionate about how languages evolve and diverge from each other and how technology affects these changes. 

I love the diversity of the students and how much we can all learn from one another. The varied professional and academic backgrounds, coupled with the rich mix of cultures, languages, and interests, makes for a very rewarding experience. I always end up learning quite a bit when I teach.  

Charles Cai

English-Chinese translation and interpretation have been my passion ever since college years. Prior to returning to MIIS, I worked at McKinsey & Company, a global management consultancy, as an in-house translator and interpreter based in Shanghai. There I spent half my time translating business documents, and the other half interpreting for the firm’s foreign partners at various client meetings.

Faculty Profile: The Distinct Music of Professor Mike Gillen

Mike Gillen (BARS ’78, MBA ’81) is a rare bird – not only does he have degrees from both the Monterey Institute of International Studies and its predecessor the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies, but he is also the Russian professor who plays the bagpipes and leads the procession at every commencement. When you meet Mike, it all makes sense. He is a natural teacher who embraces a good challenge, whether in choice of language or instrument.

Gabriel Guillén

I am passionate about (equal access to) second language learning, social entrepreneurship, web development, applied linguistics, world cinemas, and traveling with a purpose.

Sean Curran

I am passionate about human rights, the ocean, languages, and foreign policy.  

Nikolas Strong-Cvetich

Nik is the Executive Director of Save The Waves Coalition, where he oversees operations and World Surfing Reserves, Surfonomics and Endangered Waves programs.

Mark Schapiro

Mark Schapiro has been a journalist for more than twenty years in this country and abroad. He has long been exploring the intersection between the environment, economics and political power, most recently as a correspondent at the Center for Investigative Reporting, where he worked as senior correspondent from 2003 to 2012. His work has been published in Harpers, The Atlantic, Yale 360 and other publications, and he worked as a correspondent for the PBS newsmagazine FRONLTINE/World.

Julie Krolack

Julie Krolak holds a M.A. in TESOL from the Monterey Institute. Before coming to the Institute, she taught in China, South Korea, and at various universities and language schools in the U.S. She also started and managed her own language schools in the People's Republic of China. Her educational focuses are in the fields of language assessment, pragmatics, and the teaching of reading and vocabulary. When she is not in the classroom, she spends her time doing yoga, hiking, reading, cooking, and traveling.