Stephan Cocron

I am passionate about how languages evolve and diverge from each other and how technology affects these changes. 

I love the diversity of the students and how much we can all learn from one another. The varied professional and academic backgrounds, coupled with the rich mix of cultures, languages, and interests, makes for a very rewarding experience. I always end up learning quite a bit when I teach.  

Lisa Molle-Troyer

I never tire of weaving words together to form a whole that is more than the sum of its parts; that constant challenge is what draws me to translation and interpreting.

Max Troyer

I am passionate about making content available in other languages. When content is translated, bridges are built between cultures and people that would not normally connect. Sure, translation can be used to sell gadgets in other markets, but it can also be used to connect people – TED conferences and Open Vote community translation initiatives for example.