Paul Cowles

Paul Cowles, is a CBNRM specialist with over 25 years of international and domestic experience and 12 years of direct management experience. He specializes in helping communities conserve and sustainably manage their natural resources. He has lived and worked in sub-Saharan Africa for 17 years, leading teams of up to 90 employees to implement three multimillion dollar programs for USAID. He understands how to work with communities; making community capacity development the centerpiece of his CBNRM work.

Casson Trenor

From saving the whales of the Antarctic to studying the salmon of Alaska, Casson Trenor has worked to support stewardship of our marine resources across the globe. Trenor has stalked the fetid warehouses of Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, spent months journeying by ship through the icy waters of Antarctica, berthed on leaking wrecks off the African coast, and gone octopus fishing with holy men on the Island of Yap.

Nikolas Strong-Cvetich

Nik is the Executive Director of Save The Waves Coalition, where he oversees operations and World Surfing Reserves, Surfonomics and Endangered Waves programs.

Mark Schapiro

Mark Schapiro has been a journalist for more than twenty years in this country and abroad. He has long been exploring the intersection between the environment, economics and political power, most recently as a correspondent at the Center for Investigative Reporting, where he worked as senior correspondent from 2003 to 2012. His work has been published in Harpers, The Atlantic, Yale 360 and other publications, and he worked as a correspondent for the PBS newsmagazine FRONLTINE/World.

Brett Melone

I am passionate about: the ingenuity and creativity of humans to harness natural systems to produce food, fiber and fuels

Enrique Alonso García

For over 20 years, Enrique Alonso Garcia has been active in marine issues around the world, engaging in environmental activities both as an academic and as a professional.  He has made a number of important contributions to initiatives protecting the marine environment.

At this time, he is the president of the Division of Environmental, Rural and Marine Affairs & Science at the Council of State in Spain.

Kristina Maria Gjerde

I am passionate about:   

I am passionate about applying law, science, technology and economics to find a new balance in how we manage the global ocean commons.

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS: 

Michael Vincent McGinnis

I am passionate about forging a more sustainable future that includes the protection of diverse maritime cultures and the ecosystems that we are irrevocably connected to and dependent on.

Gireesh Shrimali

I am passionate about: climate change mitigation via development of new technologies

What excites me about being a professor at MIIS: is the opportunity to research in and teach internationally relevant topics

Jason Scorse

I am passionate about: Living sustainably, not just preaching/teaching it.