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Jessica Pearce: How to Become a French Translator

Jessica Pearce, French Translation Student

Jessica Pearce, French Scientific Translator

May 28, 2014

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Introduced to languages and travel as a child, Jessica always knew they would both play a central role in her future career. Her love of the life sciences led her to dual major in biology and the French language during college and then to obtain a PhD in Biology. 

After spending a few years conducting biology research in France and Spain, Jessica started a small business, providing editing services for scientific papers written in English by non-native English speakers. That’s when she discovered her fourth passion: translation. From there, MIIS was a natural next step.

"I looked at a few different [translation] programs, including some in Europe, and chose the Middlebury Institute because their pedagogical approach best suited my needs."

Learn more about Jessica's journey to MIIS by listening to her podcast!

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