Jessica Pearce: Using French as a Freelance Scientic Editor

Jessica Pearce, French Translation Student

Jessica travels to Milan, Italy..

May 28, 2014 - 12:00am

Introduced to languages and travel as a child, Jessica always knew that foreign language and travel were going to be a big part of her career.  Yet, she also loved the life sciences.  She has spent her career combining these passions, graduating from college with majors in both life sciences and French and then obtaining a PhD in Biology. 

After spending some time doing biology research abroad, Jessica realized the large job market for the editing of scientific journal articles.  She began a business in which she edits articles written by non-native English speakers, and that’s when she noticed her fourth passion: translation.  She is completing her MA in Translation at the Monterey Institute and hopes to help translate scientific articles in France after she graduates.