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See how Monterey Institute alumni Alan Lovewell and Oren Frey are using their business to make a difference with the environment.

August 8, 2012

Alan Lovewell (MAIEP '10) and Oren Frey (MAIEP '11) are living out the Monterey Institute's mission of producing leaders with solutions to a variety of global challenges.  These graduates of the International Environmental Policy Program are working hard to re-connect consumers in Monterey Bay to local fishermen and the product they offer through their business venture, Local Catch Monterey Bay.  Most of the fish consumed on the Monterey Peninsula is shipped in from faraway places despite the idyllic marine location and consumers here, like elsewhere, are increasingly disconnected to their food sources. By turning back the tide and helping consumers make more sustainable choices, Alan and Oren hope to do their part to preserve the Ocean and its bounty for future generations.

The business model is as simple as it is profound in its impact.  Consumers subscribe to a "share" of the Monterey Bay local catch, read the weekly newsletter, learn about their local fishermen, see videos of how they catch their fish, experience true fishing seasons and last but not least, learn different cooking methods.  For Alan and Oren this is a win-win proposition, creating a new market for locally caught fish while providing consumers with the freshest seafood available.  

So far, the response to Local Catch has been great. In just over 6 months of business, there are already over 250 members.

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