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BUILD: Students Teach Each Other New Languages

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Meet the students and teachers of B.U.I.L.D.

August 22, 2011

Beyond yoUrself In Language Development (BUILD) is a student-run organization that provides beginning-level language classes to the entire MIIS community. All of the classes are completely free, informal, and fun!

This year BUILD will offer classes in at least 10 different languages throughout the week to accommodate all students' busy schedules. Whether you want to learn how to order a meal in Chinese, sing a song in French, or play a game in Portuguese, BUILD classes will give you that opportunity! Learn more on our blog.

BUILD was started in 2009 on the MIIS campus with two goals in mind: to provide TESOL and Teaching a Foreign Language students with a low-risk environment to gain experience in front of the classroom, and to give all students the opportunity to begin learning a new language, practice skills that have become rusty over the years, or just have fun with a variety of languages.


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