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Nüket Kardam: Connecting Students to the Monterey Community through Grassroots Leadership

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Grassroots Leadership for Development

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January 10, 2011

I taught a seminar in Spring 2010 on Grassroots Leadership for the first time, and this innovative seminar culminated in a Grassroots Leadership Symposium. This Symposium was organized by my students, and many grassroots leaders and some academics who work in the local Monterey area were invited to the Symposium.

This Symposium was successful and it will become an annual event so that every time this seminar is offered, it will be followed by a Symposium. After the Symposium ended, I synthesized what we learned and wrote an article, The ABC of Conscious Leadership.

In the fall of 2010, I invited all the students who took the seminar to work with me to produce a presentation on what we learned. These students included: Aaron Ebner, Zia MacWilliams, Komla Doe, Tehani Diaz, Stacy Bouchard, Phil Lockwood, Michelle Seivers, and Ena Yashuara. Some of them had already graduated but still assisted.

We met on a regular basis throughout fall and then presented our findings at the Dean’s Seminar event on Nov 18, 2010. This presentation was unique in that it was entirely participatory and collaborative between the current students, recent alums, and me. Now we are planning to take it to a conference and perhaps produce an article for publication.

For myself, I have a greater understanding of how students work together as a team, what they go through, by seeing it firsthand and being part of such a process. I understand how creative they are. We worked together to build our knowledge and understanding from beginning to end, although this is not the end.

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