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Alethia Jimenez: Inside the UNDP BCPR's Small Arms, Armed Violence and Mine Action Team


Alethia Jimenez interned at the United Nations Development Program


Master of Arts in International Policy Studies
August 2009

September 4, 2009

IPSS Assignment: United Nations Development Programme
Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery
New York, New York
Spring/Summer 2009

Alethia was born in Mexico and studied abroad in France, Spain, Australia, and Italy. Her undergraduate degree was in economics and statistics at the Rochester Institute of Technology. After college, she worked in an actuarial consulting firm in New York and then moved to Tunisia to work on a short term assignment with a trading company.

She began her Master’s at the Monterey Institute in 2007 and specialized in Conflict Resolution, International Negotiation and Mediation. With some colleagues from the Monterey Institute, she has started an NGO called, ‘One Less, Uno Menos’ which focuses on the prevention of Human Trafficking and has now obtained its 501c3 status.

In 2008, Alethia interned with Mercy Corps Colombia where she worked in a project to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labor Exploitation with displaced communities of Cartagena. This project resulted in the creation of a workbook to prevent all types of violence including domestic, sexual and gender based violence.

During the International Professional Service Semester, she worked with the United Nations Development Program-Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) in the Small Arms, Armed Violence and Mine Action Team. During her work at BCPR, she contributed substantially to the creation of a web-based survey for the monitoring and evaluation of the Mine Action Strategic Objectives 2006-2010. She also gave country program support to 30 field offices for mine action that included the preparation and revision of donor reports and budget and project proposals. Alethia also contributed in the preparation of the Secretary General’s Report on Assistance in Mine Action, attended the Mine Action National Director’s Meeting in Geneva, and participated in a collaboration with the World Bank to create a world wide database for all relevant information in mine action.

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