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Professor Jinhuei Dai: Designing a New Language Learning Model

January 20, 2010

Professor Jinhuei Dai is a pioneer of innovative teaching and learning strategies. She advocates a "sustainable model" for teaching the Chinese language to policy students from a wide range of language levels and academic interests. By emphasizing individualization, the personal experience of learning, Professor Dai's students cultivate their language abilities.

In the Art of Sunzi course (Fall 2009), Professor Dai re-imagined the course structure: students meet each week as a class, as small groups with a teaching assistant (a student from the Teaching a Foreign Language (TFL) program), and one-on-one with the professor. Assuming the role of a facilitator or coordinator, she challenges her students to prepare a presentation and research paper related to their academic and professional goals.

Professor Dai has also introduced new media (web 2.0) tools to her students. Last semester, she joined our blogging community, designing an interactive space to explore the Chinese language. She also encourages students to be creative with their presentations and strengthen their public speaking skills by telling a story, not relying on PowerPoint slides.

Stay tuned for more pedagogical innovations from our professors.

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