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Martiño Prada Diaz: A Translator's Journey Across Europe

Martino Prada Diaz

Martiño enjoys winter break along the Californian coast.

December 22, 2009

What should I do now? This question confronts most of us at some point in our lives. After graduating a few years ago with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish philology, Martiño Prada Diaz (TLM ‘11) began searching for his answer.

After brief spells as a language teacher and punk band singer, Martiño packed his bags for a life-altering journey through Europe. He experienced the natural beauty of Russia, Sweden, Estonia, and Finland on a shoestring budget, from the comfort of his friends’ couches.

Reenergized upon his return to Spain, Martiño completed a Master’s degree in translation, enrolled in a PhD program, and worked as a researcher at the University of Vigo. Martiño’s studies led him to the field of video game translation. He published an article called "An approach to the translation of a non-localized video game: Grand Theft Auto III" that focuses on how Spanish players experience video games differently than American players. He explored the question: How does the quality of the translation, especially the interpretation of cultural references, affect how the game is played?

Martiño, a recipient of the prestigious La Caixa scholarship, will continue developing his multimedia translation skills at the Monterey Institute through the Translation and Localization Management program.

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