MIIS Stories Campaign

We need your help to collect 500 stories that highlight our multicultural identity, academic and professional achievements, and global impact.

Tell a story that...

Reveals what motivated you to study at the Monterey Institute.

Captures a moment of intellectual or professional revelation.

Reflects upon your summer internship, service semester, or winter practicum.

Shares how you landed that dream job or internship.

Explores the intersection of theory and practice: How did what you learned in the classroom apply in the real world?

We are a global community, united in our spirit of innovation and commitment to be the solution. Whether you're a student, alum, faculty or staff member, help us achieve this goal by contributing your story! All stories will be featured on the MIIS Around the World map, so let us know where yours should appear.


Be Yourself. Write in the first person to highlight your authentic voice.

Don't Write a Biography, Write A Story. Don't list facts, events, or dates. Instead, tell a story that captures the essence of the MIIS experience, how it has shaped who you are today.

Stories shouldn't be too specific, or too general. Here are two examples of great stories:


Dustin Brumley (TLM '10) talks about life after graduation including starting his own business.


Waleed Abdulabbas (MATESOL '13) shares how he is living a dream by attending the Monterey Institute.

Speak to Your Audience, Appeal to their Emotions. These stories will be read by all members of our community, including future students. Ask yourself, how will the audience connect to my story? What insight can I share with them about life, work, and the Monterey Institute?

We welcome all submissions! To ensure the quality of this effort, we will work with you to cultivate and fine-tune your story.

Tell Your Story

If you haven't already, take a few minutes to consult our story-writing guidelines! By clicking "Submit," you grant us the right to publish the story in full or part on our website and in other print materials.

We will contact via this email address if we need more information before publishing your story.

The story will appear on the MIIS Around the World map at a location you specify. This location could be where you're from, where your story takes place, or where you are now.

Please describe your current job, internship, or academic focus.

Please try to limit the story to three to four paragraphs. Don't forget to include links to websites, blogs, and other projects related to your story.

Do you know other MIIS students, alumni, faculty, and staff who have stories worth telling? Send us their email address so that we can contact them, and spread the word about the Stories Campaign. Thanks!