Social Networks

Social Networks

Social networks promote communication, collaboration, and cooperation within our global community.

Alaska, spearheaded by Middlebury scholar Bill McKibben, mobilized a global network last October for the 350 International Day of Climate Action. Photo from Homer, Alaska.

Our social networks are dynamic and cross-cultural: they transcend geographic and language barriers. You can find us not only on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but also on Japanese and Russian language networks. It has never been easier to share ideas on a local and global level:

"We are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race." Clay Shirky

In that spirit, you can utilize social networks to ask questions, reconnect with old friends, or seek out jobs, internships, or professional contacts!

Our Facebook group for new students creates space for the incoming class to connect with each other and explore life in Monterey before the semester begins. And our blogging community, powered by WordPress, highlights campus news and events and showcases student reflections, research and analysis, and multimedia projects.

MIIS Twitter-verse

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MIIS Social Networks
Blogging Community:

The Monterey Institute's website network and blogging community.

Co-sponsored by the MIIS Sustainability Council and the Digital Learning Commons, the biased toward action agenda for this lunch-time working session is the question: “How might we improve and encourage innovation around ‘green teaching’ practices that improve the student learning experience while also achieving campus pro-sustainability goals?” e.g. reducing paper use, conserving energy, leveraging new technologies […] Continue reading