Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Campus Use Policies & Information

Bike Policy

This policy exists to protect your property, not to punish you for leaving your bikes on campus.  Bikes left on campus overnight or for more than just a few days can attract thieves to the campus.

  • Bikes should not be left on campus overnight.
  • Bikes left on campus for more than 72 hours may be impounded by Security.
  • If a bike is impounded, the lock may need to be cut. Students will have to replace their lock at their own expense.
  • Impounded bikes will be placed into the Lost and Found.  Students will need to come to the Security Office to claim their bike.

Classroom Policy

Guests in the Classroom

Children: Children are not permitted to attend or be present during MIIS classes unless they have the prior consent of the responsible faculty member.  Only in the event of an emergency and/or non-routine situation may an individual seek an exception to this policy.

Other guests: the Institute faculty members have the authority to decide if guests may be allowed in the classroom.

When making such a determination, the faculty member will consider issues of safety, the impact on other students, and may consider the appropriateness of course content in making such decisions. If not already prohibited in the course syllabus, the request for an exception must be made to the responsible faculty member prior to bringing any guest into the classroom.

In the event permission is granted by the faculty member to bring a guest to a classroom, it is the responsibility of the guest’s sponsor/host to make sure the guests do not disrupt the educational environment of the class. If the guests do cause a disruption, the faculty member shall request or insist that the guest(s) leave or be removed from the classroom.

Pets in the Classroom

Pets are not allowed on campus, except when accompanying regular class participants for medical reasons.

Mail Policy

Students are not allowed to use the Institute’s mailing address as their own.  Students cannot receive mail through our Office Services Department.  Students must have their own address where they receive their mail.

Samson Student Center, Holland Center & Library Vistor Use Policies

The Institute faculty, staff and students will:

a.)  Keep guests and visitors to a minimum: a maximum of three to five guests per person allowed during operational hours.

b.)  Notify Campus Security whenever a suspicious person or non-Institute student is utilizing campus facilities.  (Security can be reached by picking up a nearby blue campus phone or by dialing 647-4153 or simply extension 4153 from an Institute phone.)  When Campus Security arrives, the non-Institute personnel should be identified to them and then Security will approach the individual(s) and verify status and, if appropriate, ask them to depart.

c.) Carry a current Institute ID card when using campus facilities.

Security will:

a.)  Walk through the Samson Student Center, Holland Center and Library and other appropriate areas on a regular basis during operational hours.

b.)  Perform ID checks when requested by a member of the Institute community (students, staff, faculty and alumni).

c.)   Upon identification of the visitor not accompanied by a member of the Institute community, inform the visitor of the policy and request that they vacate the premises immediately.

d.)  If the visitor(s) refuses to leave the premises, security should escort them off campus.

e.)  Locate and open additional facilities for studying or other quiet academic related activities when requested by staff, students, alumni or other appropriate members of the Institute community.

Students will:

a.)  Respect the individual purposes for each area and follow appropriate guidelines regarding noise, usage and reserving spaces.

b.)  Refrain from hosting more than 3-5 people.

c.)   Refrain from behaving in a manner that is disruptive or offensive to others in the facility.

d.) Behave in the manner that they wish to be treated.

Smoking Policy

In order to promote a healthful environment, smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings. This includes porches, balconies, decks or any part of the building structure.  E-cigarette smoking is also prohibited in campus buildings. Failure to observe this policy will be treated as a fire safety violation and subject to MIIS discipline and fines as appropriate.

Student Parking

On-Campus Parking

All students with cars who live beyond a one-mile radius of the Institute may obtain an on-campus student parking permit after you have paid all school fees for the current semester. Student parking permits will be issued at the Security Office. Bring with you your copy of your registration form, your MIIS library/ID card, your automobile registration card, and proof of insurance.

The student parking permit is valid in two parking lots:

  • the lot behind the wooden fence, which runs between Van Buren and Pierce Streets
  • behind the Kinoull Building (entrance on Van Buren Street)

Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The student parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. Students should not park in any other campus lot prior to 4 pm on weekdays. However, they may use any lot on campus—with or without a permit—after 4 pm on weekdays, any time on weekends and holidays.

Parking in the lots near the Library and Lora-Soto Adobe Building/Craig Building (Center for the Blue Economy), and the two lots on either side of the McCone Building is restricted to faculty and staff with parking permits from Monday through Friday until 4 p.m. (Faculty/staff permits can be obtained from Security. Faculty/staff are not permitted to park in student lots.)

Cars in campus lots without a parking permit, or those blocking the access or egress of legally parked cars, will be ticketed by the City; the penalty for violating parking regulations on private property is $25. Also note the City’s posted parking regulations on public streets; tickets are $35. The fee for parking in a handicapped space without a handicapped permit is $275. The red curbed zone next to the Craig Building (CBE) carries a fine of $30 for any auto that extends into the red zone. The lots are patrolled frequently and tickets are given by the Monterey Police Department. The lots are also monitored by MIIS Security personnel. For further information or questions, contact Institute Security at (831) 647-4153 or stop by the Security Office next to the Lara-Soto Adobe. (If Security is unavailable at the office, please use any of the blue campus phones to contact security.)

For more information on parking, please visit Campus Security's Parking page.