Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey



Old Victorian house in Pacific Grove. Flickr photo by Fritz Liess.

Our students live off campus in local rental units. They get to class by walking, biking or driving a short distance by bus or car. Types of housing include rooms in private homes, houses shared with other students, apartments, and more.

Begin your search

To begin your housing search, you can start by arranging for when you arrive. Learn more about Temporary Accommodations.

Not sure where you want to live? Downtown? New Monterey? Pacific Grove? Seaside? Carmel?... It all can be a little overwhelming. Take a look at this customized Google Map, prepared by a current MIIS student.

Useful places to search for rentals:

Also, our private housing database is available for confirmed, incoming students who have paid their tuition deposits. For access to this private housing database, contact us.

Before beginning your search, please see our Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for Securing Housing.

Another resource for finding housing could be through connections made on our closed Facebook group.  Incoming students are welcomed into the MIIS community with invitations to join our closed Facebook groups. Twice a year, Megan Joyce, an associate at the Student Services department, creates a Facebook group called "The Institute Incoming Students for Fall/Spring". Megan sends the invitations to all students who have paid their deposits.

These Facebook groups are wonderful resources for networking with your future classmates. Many students prefer to live with fellow MIIS students when they move to Monterey, so please use the Facebook communities to coordinate housing searches with like minded new friends. The groups are excellent places to share information about rides, house shares, furnishings for sale and housing tips.

After you’ve found a rental

Setting Up Utilities is a must. Also, check your California Tenant’s Rights if you have any questions about being a tenant. When you move in, we recommend completing an Housing Inventory Checklist with your landlord. If you need to rent furniture temporarily, Brooks Furniture Rental Co. can be of assistance.

Please don't hesitate to contact Student Services if you have any questions or need advice during your housing search.