CPT Application

Curricular Practical Training Application

 To obtain CPT authorization, please complete and submit the CPT application. Please allow up to 7 business days for your application to be processed.

Please select your current degree program from the list below.

Please indicate when you started your program at MIIS. This will provide information which will help determine if you are eligible for CPT.

Please indicate the semester or session in which you are applying for CPT.

Please indicate whether the CPT request is a requirement of your program or a course for which you are enrolled.

A copy of your unofficial transcript will need to be submitted for your CPT application. This can be printed from Bannerweb. The document can be uploaded to this application form, or the document can be submitted separately to the Office of Student Services. Your CPT application will not be considered complete until a copy of this document is received.

Please upload the completed Recommendation Form for CPT. The completed form can also be brought to the Office of Student Services, if not uploaded here. An application for CPT is not considered complete without this document.