Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Arriving in Monterey

Here is some important information about planning your arrival in Monterey.

Plan Ahead

We strongly suggest that you plan to arrive at least five to ten days prior to the start of orientation to allow yourself enough time to secure housing and get settled in. MIIS does not offer housing but we do have resources that can assist you in the process of securing housing. The more time you give yourself to secure housing, the better.

Monterey is a very popular tourist destination, especially during the summer months, so you should make arrangements for accommodations as soon as possible.

Each year Monterey hosts "Monterey Car Week and Concours D'Elegance". This event usually takes place the week and weekend before New Student Orientation and can make finding a hotel room difficult, especially if you do not plan ahead. It is HIGHLY recommended that you reserve a hotel room or space in the hostel well in advance of your arrival to Monterey.

Start with Temporary Lodging

It’s best to plan on staying in a hotel or motel for up to five nights so that you have a secured place to stay once you arrive to Monterey. It is not advisable to wait until you arrive to make your reservations.

You can find temporary lodging that offers discount to students attending the Institute. There are many options very close to campus.

Emergency Housing

If you are having a difficult time finding a rental property, there is Emergency Housing available. These accommodations may be available with other students or staff members at a reasonable rate. However, there is no guarantee that such space will be available, so you must make advance hotel/motel or hostel reservations for the first five nights, at the minimum. If you'd like to know more about Emergency Housing options, please contact admissions@miis.edu or student.services@miis.edu.

Monterey Airbus

The Monterey Airbus is a shared-ride airport shuttle service that operates between Monterey and the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) as well as the San Jose International Airport (SJC). The shuttle drops passengers off at Calle Principal, just two blocks from the MIIS campus and walking distance to several local hotels. This is a reliable and affordable option. Visit the Monterey Airbus Shuttle website to view schedules, rates and book your reservation at a discounted price.

Nearby Airports

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) (approximately 115 mi or 185 km from campus)

San Jose International Airport (SJC) (approximately 75 mi or 120 km from campus)

Monterey Regional Airport

You can also opt to fly to the Monterey Airport from the San Francisco or San Jose International Airports. You will need to book an additional flight. Be aware that this is a more expensive option; flights from San Francisco and San Jose International Airports can cost up to $100 U.S. dollars or more. In addition you will still need to arrange transportation from the Monterey Airport to your hotel, apartment or to the school.


For a taxi you may want to try this Yellow Cab taxi service. You can also arrange pick up at the Monterey airport and they can take you directly to your hotel if you prefer to get settled before checking in at campus.