Health and Wellness

Wellness at the Monterey Institute

At the Monterey Institute of International Studies, the health and well-being of our students are of utmost importance. While MIIS does not have an on-campus health center or fitness facility, we are dedicated to helping our students find the resources they need to meet their health-related needs and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Students attending MIIS are required to have health insurance. To meet this requirement, you may either 1) Enroll in our Student Health Insurance Plan, or 2) If you already have health insurance or prefer to find your own insurance plan, opt-out of this plan and provide the details of your existing coverage. For further information please read through the Health Insurance page below.

Fitbie: Guide to diet & fitness:


1. Thank goodness that's over, shower time. 2. If I hang this tank top to dry over the door frame I can probably wear it again before washing it. 3. [Goes to other room to grab something, comes back, looks in mirror.]4. I'm not nearly...