Meet Student Council

The Monterey Institute is home to a diverse array of individuals, from a variety of backgrounds and the Student Council is representative of our campus' diversity.

Student Council Positions

Students may run for the following positions as an Executive Officer or a Program Representative.

Executive Office:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Community Relations Coordinator
Program Representatives:
  • First Year Academic Program Representatives
  • Second Year Academic Program Representatives


Executive Officers

Malcolm Johnson, IPS 2014

The main goal this year for Malcolm as Student Council President is to get the student body more involved. In a perfect world, students would attend Student Council meetings and be able to pick all the members out in a crowd. With the knowledge of who represents the programs and what the council does at the weekly meetings, the student body could easily 'define their solution.' 

This is Malcolm's second year on Student Council, serving as the International Environmental Policy representative and Green Committee Chair last year. Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, he is studying ocean & coastal resource management and environmental education while also in the Peace Corps Masters International program. He is also the Monterey Institute's sustainability graduate assistant. 

Before attending MIIS, Malcolm studied sociology and the environment at Wichita State University. When he isn't in class, Student Council meetings, or working, he can be found running or doing yoga even though he'd rather be on a boat (rowing or sailing). His rapturous nature is reflected in everything he does and he hopes it will spread to you too!

Vice President
Ghazal Ramanpanah, IPS/MBA 2014

Ghazal is a second year graduate student at MIIS, working on a dual MA/MBA in International Policy Studies and International Management, with a concentration in Human Security and Development. Originally born in Tehran, Iran, she grew up in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area where she received her BA in Political Science and History from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her interests include boxing, traveling, photography, attending random concerts and Woody Allen Films. As the incoming Vice President, Ghazal is looking forward to working alongside MIIS’ Student Council in order to further the sense of community amongst the campus as well as working hard to bring about more creative and efficient ways of conducting MIIS business.

Jocelyn Rheem, IPS 2014

Jocelyn is a second year graduate student at MIIS, working on a Masters degree in International Policy Studies: Human Security and Development with a concentration in Conflict Resolution. She received her BA from Denison University in Political Science and History with a minor in Women’s Studies. Following her undergraduate studies, Jocelyn returned to her roots in Washington, DC to work at The Pew Charitable Trusts in the Pew Environment Group focusing on international ocean conservation. In her free time, Jocelyn likes to spend time at the beach, bake, and travel the world.  As the incoming Secretary for the 2013-2014 academic year, she is excited to help facilitate an open line of communication between the student council, MIIS administration, and the student body.

Alexander Ikeda, IPS 2014

Alexander Ikeda is a second year IPS student with an emphasis in Trade, Investment, and Development. He earned a BA in French in Economics at Whittier College in 2011.   Alexander looks forward to raising awareness about the importance of the Student Council as well as the utility of the Student Fund to help students make the most of their experiences at MIIS. Alexander loves studying languages and doesn't like (most) small dogs. 

Communications Coordinator
Joan Wang, T&I 2014

Joan is a second year graduate student at MIIS working on an MA in Translation and Interpretation and dabbling in Localization courses on the side. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, she split the first eighteen years of her life between Taipei, Maryland, and Athens, Greece. She received her BA from National Taiwan University in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a minor in International Relations. As the Communications Director, Joan looks forward to using social media and technology to allow for more transparency of the Council and to involve more students in the decision-making process. She is also looking forward to get as many hits on the Student Council blog as possible.

Community Relations Coordinator
Christina Falcione, MBA 2014

Cristina is an advanced-entry MBA student with a concentration in Marketing and Sustainability. Originally from the Philadelphia area, she graduated from the University of Delaware in 2008 with a BS in Marketing and minors in International Business and Spanish. She comes with over 3 years of experience planning employee events and community services projects as a leader on the Social Committee at her job before MIIS. As the 2013-2014 Student Council Community Relations Coordinator she hopes to cultivate the important idea of work-life balance among the MIIS student community by organizing awesome social events for all! Outside of party planning, Cristina also loves running, traveling, high fives and things that glow in the dark.

Second Year Representatives

BA-MA in International Studies

No representative

Conference Interpreting

No representative

International Education Management


Anna McCloskey, IEM 2014

Anna is a second year International Education Management student, pursuing a career in volunteer and study abroad. She received her BA in Anthropology and Spanish from Lake Forest College in 2012. After graduation, Anna returned to her hometown of Monterey, eager to continue her Spanish studies and pursue the connections between international education and social change. As the second year IEM student representative, she is excited to promote a sense of community within and across departments at MIIS. When she isn’t in class, you’re likely to find Anna drinking a coffee, practicing yoga, or cooking a scrumptious meal!

International Environmental Policy

Cindy Zuluaga Jimenez, IEP 2014

Cindy is a second year graduate student at MIIS pursuing the International Environmental Policy degree. She received her B.S in Marine Science and Biology from Stony Brook University in New York. After a bit of traveling and research, she decided to further enhance her academic knowledge through MIIS. Her main passion is the ocean, and she hopes to combine her science background and current policy studies to pursue a career in the responsible use of marine resources. This area became of special interest to her after witnessing how development can damage delicate coastal ecosystems while traveling the world. As the 2nd year IEP representative she hopes build awareness and further involve the MIIS community in environmental efforts. In between semesters, Cindy can be found traveling around the world exploring all ocean related activities either above or underwater.

International Policy Studies


William Altman, IPS 2014

William's second year at Miis and his second term as an IPS Rep. are built on experiences working in the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Iraqi Embassy's Commercial Trade Office and recently as an economic impact analyst interning for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation in Washington, D.C. Policy has been one of William's interests since he earned his undergraduate degree from Denison University as a Political Science major and his current professional interests are emerging-market economic-analysis and social impact-investment. William acquired the Arabic language while studying Islam in the Arabian Gulf, and continues to develop a passion for Middle Eastern language and culture in his graduate degree as an International Trade, Investment and Development student. William thrives on interacting with his peers and excels at identifying unique qualities in the people and places he encounters. 



Alex Dennis, MBA 2014

Alexander Dennis is a 2nd year joint degree IEP/MBA student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  As the second year representative of the MBA program Alex hopes to go beyond the traditional role of student representative and encourage and facilitate dynamic communication between the MBA student body, the MBA faculty, and CACS services.  In order to accomplish this Alexander will maintain regular contact with his constituents and relay their concerns to appropriate faculty members or administrative personnel in a confidential and constructive manner.  Additionally, he hopes to work with MBA faculty to relay important information regarding program or curriculum changes to his constituents and to relative stakeholders in the MBA program.  By doing this Alexander hopes to create rapid positive responses to his constituent needs in their academic environment.



Ximena Ospina, MPA 2014

Ximena is a second year graduate student at MIIS, working on a dual M.A. in International Education Management and Public Administration (IEM and MPA), with a focus in Latin America and development. Born in Villavicencio, Colombia and raised in the Bay Area (California), she is highly intrigued by cultures and their interconnectedness. While achieving her B.S. in Business Administration from CSU, Chico, she was fortunate enough to live in Spain, confirming her itch for traveling. When able to finance her explorations, Ximena hops borders and adventures into the unknown. Yet, when economic limitations are present, she enjoys simplicity such as hiking, drawing and reflecting. As the 2nd year representative of MPA, she hopes to work closely with MPA students and the MIIS community as a whole to build a sense of unity through academic and social networking. 

Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Jende Huang, NPTS 2014

Jende is a second year student in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program at MIIS. Originally from Minneapolis, he graduated from the University of Minnesota, has worked in Washington DC, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. As the second year representative for NPTS, he hopes to increase the participation of NPTS students in campus activities, ensure that NPTS students have a strong voice within their program, and convince people to stop saying "Manpants."


No representative

Translation and Interpretation

Nelson Navarro, T&I 2014

Translation and Localization Management


Jonathan Wills, TLM 2014

Jonathan Wills was born in the back of a buggy in Amish country, Pennsylvania. He has two middle names. During his time at Dartmouth College, he spent his rainy afternoons at the ceramics studio hand crafting ceramic Frisbees. He came to MIIS for the hustle and bustle of downtown Monterey, and won his current StuCo position by two votes, with two votes. 

First Year Representatives

BA-MA in International Studies

Jim Keel, BAIS 2016

Conference Interpreting

No representative

International Education Management
Nolan Sutker, IEM 2015


After three years immersed in Brazilian culture, Nolan came to MIIS to meet like-minded people and share a commonality with a diverse student body. He's found exactly that and more in his first year in the IEM program at MIIS. His goals as first year IEM representative is to create an understanding for the student body about the newest program at the school while simultaneously informing IEM students of the other programs on campus and connecting them through common visions, experiences and the occasional social get together. Nolan brings over 10 years of professional experience to the program as a previous salesman for Titleist/FootJoy and as a teacher of English in Rio De Janeiro. In his sparingly free time, he enjoys international travel, anything active especially golf and hiking, playing some guitar and exposing the student body to his 9 year old character of an English Bulldog, Bella.

International Environmental Policy

James Galvin, IEP 2015


I am a first year MBA/IEP candidate studying at MIIS to join the vanguard of profit-minded human-rights development.  Thrilled by the chance to study potent 4th Sector tools such as impact investing, social entrepreneurship, and microfinance; I hope to help design their successors! 

My non-academic interests lean heavily toward sports (participating,) being outside, and languages.  But certainly feel free to reach out about any personal interest or concern and we can seek out some common ground.

My immediate priority on Student Council is to facilitate students’ efforts advocating for earlier campus resources on weekdays.  The IEP student body will decide any further agenda, perhaps leveraging my seat toward carbon divestment, campus composting or greater civic engagement! 


International Policy Studies

Jaclyn Morawa, IPS 2015


Jaclyn is a first year student in the International Policy Studies program with a concentration in Human Security and Development.  She is originally from Detroit, Michigan and completed her undergraduate studies at Albion College with a BA in French Language and Culture for the Professions.  After spending nearly 3 years experiencing Europe during her "gap year", she chose MIIS to expand her passions in intercultural communications and women and children's rights advocacy, while hoping to explore fieldwork opportunities in Francophone Africa.  In her free time, Jaclyn enjoys cooking veggie meals, appreciating nature in all it's forms and grooving to live music, which sometimes just happens to be an iPhone speaker and random dance sessions in front of the library. Through Student Council, Jaclyn hopes to be able to provide a positive voice for students, for the changes that they would like to see here at MIIS.


Paul Sonnier, MBA 2015


Paul is a Monterey native and first year MBA student who is focusing his studies on international finance  & economics. After doing his undergraduate work at UC Santa Barbara in German Literature and Theoretical Linguistics, he worked as a financial advisor for Bank of America in southern California before returning to Monterey to begin studying at MIIS. Initially, Paul worked through the TESOL program to earn his certificate in language-education before moving on to his current position as an MBA student. Eventually, he hopes to combine his knowledge of educational systems and business to help strengthen and reform the emphasis on foreign language education in the United States. Outside of academia, he is a competitive weightlifter, ice hockey player, and enjoys eating large amounts of Nutella.


Noah Halton, MPA 2013


"There can be no greater meaning in life than to be of service to others."

Originally from Salinas, CA and grew up in Northern Virginia and Upstate New York. I attended SUNY College at Buffalo State and graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy. After graduation I was an AmeriCorps volunteer in Salinas with Monterey County United for Literacy in the Alisal School District for two years. I then served the United States Peace Corps as a Community and Youth Development volunteer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Greiggs Village, my home for 3 and a half years, is a remote rural village of roughly 2,000 people and the original home to the Garifuna. The majority of my work centered around the school with developing literacy, library, and computer programs and my work extended to the local health clinic with HIV/AIDS initiatives and local community groups concerning health, environmental and disaster preparedness issues. After Peace Corps, I moved to several places and continued to work with youth in a variety of capacities.

I am here at MIIS to learn how non-profits and NGO's operate as well as a particular interest in the processes of conflict resolution. It is my hope to one day develop or work for an organization that facilitates conflict resolution skills to the community members of Caribbean Nations as well as parts of Latin America.

Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Tom Gray, NPTS 2015


Tom is a first year MA NPTS student with a focus on Nonproliferation. He is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas, with a BA in Anthropology in 2006. Following graduation, he was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy where he served aboard a ballistic missile submarine. Though he worked for years in support of the U.S. mission of strategic deterrence, Tom resolutely believes that there is no place for nuclear weapons in this world and intends to do all he can to free the world of them. Outside of academics, he enjoys anything outdoors, but especially likes camping, climbing, tennis, and volleyball. Lastly and most importantly, Tom loves sandwiches and is always ready to discuss the many virtues of sandwiches, including their value as a global force for peace.


Cameron Chien, TESOL/TFL 2015


Cameron is a first year graduate student at MIIS, working on an MA in Teaching a Foreign Language (Japanese).  Born in Hong Kong, and raised in Los Angeles, he graduated from UC Riverside with a BA in Asian Studies.  Continuing from his undergraduate path, Cameron participated on the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Program for 5 years in Tokamachi City as a Coordinator for International Relations prior to attending MIIS.  As the 1st year TESOL/TFL program representative and a member of Student Council, Cameron is determined to help foster positive connections and share many big smiles with the MIIS community.

Translation and Interpretation

Grace Soong, T&I 2015


Grace Soong is a first year student at MIIS working on an MA in Translation and Interpretation. After receiving her BS in Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, to satiate her inquisitive nature and passion for languages, Grace took on various positions in the journalism industry in Washington D.C. and Taipei, Taiwan. It was through her experiences as a journalist that she decided to delve into the challenging world of translation and interpretation. As the first year T&I representative, Grace wishes to have befriended 87% of her fellow first year T&I’ers by the end of the year, with whom she plans to share her passion for people, tapirs, anatomy, photography and traveling.

Student Council Committees

Green Committee Coordinator

The position for Green Committee Coordinator is open.

Community Outreach

The position for Community Outreach is open.

IT Committee

The position for IT Committee Chair is currently open.

Conference Funding Committee

The position for Conference Funding Committee Chair is currently open.