Immersive Learning Funding

Participating in an Immersive Learning program? Apply here for funding.

Immersive Learning Funding Guidelines

The Student Council at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) endeavors to support the needs of the student body by providing opportunities to apply for financial support for Immersive Learning Programs (ILP). Click here to determine if your ILP is eligible for funding.  Funding can be awarded on an individual or class/group basis and can be awarded for a credit bearing or non-credit bearing ILP experience.


  • Current MA degree-seeking students in good academic and financial standing with the Institute
  • Only MIIS approved Immersive Learning Programs will be considered
  • All confirmed participants listed on class/group applications must meet the above-mentioned criteria

 Application Requirements and Information

  • Submit completed Immersive Learning Funding Application
  • A one page proposal expounding on these points:

    1. Describe the ILP and why you wish to attend
    2. Explain how the ILP will enhance your learning experience at MIIS and will further your career goals
    3. Elaborate on how your participation in this ILP will enrich the MIIS community
  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis through 5pm on May 10th
  • Student can apply before or after their ILP up to the May 10th deadline
  • Consideration will only be given to applicants who apply for an ILP that will take place in the same academic year – fall term, spring term, J-term and summer (e.g.: you cannot apply for ILP funding in a new academic year for an ILP you participated in the previous year)

Five Rubric Components for Application Evaluations and Scoring

Evaluation of each application is based on the following five components, each worth 20%. 


0:  Does not qualify, not receiving funding $0
1:  Good application, sufficient deliverable and mention of professional goals $300
2:  Great application, clear goals and objectives $500
3:  Fantastic application, complete goals and deliverable, application meets all criteria $800
  • Organization
    • Word choice, grammar, sentence structure and length (1 page)
  • Content
    • Description of experience  - depth and planning
    • Including the why - addressing MIIS goals/mission and how this experience represents that
  • Benefit to student
    • How this experience will enhance your learning at MIIS and further your career
  • Benefit to MIIS
    • How this experience will enrich the MIIS community
      • examples:  will it inspire students to do something similar; help us create a new course; enhance MIIS curriculum
      • clearly thought out deliverable/tangible feedback for sharing the experience with MIIS community
  • Intended use of funding
    • Inclusion of predicted costs

Funding and Reimbursement

  • Funding can be used towards the following expenses only:
    • Program registration (not tuition)
    • Travel
    • Lodging
  • Funding is not guaranteed
  • Amount awarded is at the discretion of the Immersive Learning Funding Committee
  • Funding is awarded on a rolling basis through 5pm on May 10th
  • Funding is provided on a reimbursement basis only
  • Reimbursement requests will be processed when the Immersive Learning Funding Committee has received:
    1. Receipts for expenses (program cost (not tuition), travel or lodging)
    2. Deliverable documenting the experience. The deliverable can be in the form of a report, video, blog, or presentation and MIIS reserves the right to use this information through our online platforms to share the student's story.
    3. Completed reimbursement voucher
    4. Photo of student or group/class in the field

Additional Information

  • The Immersive Learning Funding Committee reserves the right to request additional documentation regarding attendance and/or participation including, but not limited to: receipts, registration forms, and proof of participation
  • Students applying for Immersive Learning Funding must read and agree to these terms
  • Students will be notified of their award via email 2-4 weeks after submission