Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

StuCo Happenings

Fall Term 2015


T/25                 Community Resources Fair – Student Council Booth – Samson Center Patio 12-1:30pm

F/28                 SC Social Hour #1 – Samson Center 5pm-7pm

F/28                 Student Council 2015/16 Nominations (28th – 3rd for 1st and 2nd Year Program Reps)

Th/3                 Club Activities Fair – Samson Center 12-2pm

Th/3                 Student Council Nominations End

S/5                   Executive Board Retreat – Location TBD

W/9-F/11         Student Council Elections

Th/10               Mandatory Club Meeting – TBD 12:30pm-1:45pm

F/11                 SC Social Hour #2 - Samson Center 5pm-7pm (SC Election Results Announced)

Sa/12               Mandatory SC Retreat & Orientation – Location TBD

T/15                 SC Meeting #1 - Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm

T/22                 SC Structure Meeting – DLC 12pm-1:50pm

T/29                 SC Meeting #2 - Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm


OCTOBER        (Oct 10th-13th – Fall Break)
F/2                   Alumni/SC SC Social Hour #3 - Samson Center 5pm-7pm

T/6                   SC Committee Meeting – Check-in at StuCo Office 12pm-2pm

T/20                 SC Meeting #3 - Boardroom 12-1:50pm

T/27                 SC Structure Meeting – DLC 12pm-1:50pm


NOVEMBER    (November 25th-29th Thanksgiving Break)

T/3                   SC Meeting #4 – Boardroom 12-1:50pm

T/10                 SC Committee Meeting – Check in at StuCo Office 12pm-2pm

F/13                 SC Social Hour #4 - Samson Center 5pm-7pm

T/17                 SC Meeting #5 – Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm

Th/19               SC Structure Meeting – DLC 12pm-2pm
F/20                 MIIS Follies – Irvine – 6pm & 8pm



T/1                   SC Meeting #6 – Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm

T/8                   SC Meeting #7 (last for the semester) – Boardroom 12pm-1:50pm

F/11                 December Graduates’ Party - Samson Center Dining Room 5pm-7pm