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Conference Funding Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good application?

A solid application essay outlines your involvement in the conference, and an explanation of how your participation or attendance enhances your learning experience and career goals. The Conference Funding Committee's decision is heavily influenced by the application essay.

What kind of costs can I get reimbursed for?

You can receive funding for conference registration, lodging and/or transportation costs including: airfare, public transportation, gas, toll fees, taxis, etc. 

Food, drink and entertainment are not covered.

Can I receive funding if I am also receiving academic credit?

Funds will not be awarded for any conference that is tied to or fulfills an academic requirement. If applicable, consider applying for Immersive Learning Funding.

What is the deliverable?

The deliverable is meant to share you experience with the MIIS community. It is more of a reflective piece than the application essay. Be creative!

You can submit either a Student Council blog post or a short MIISRadio podcast. Click on the links for examples!

What is a valid receipt?

A valid receipt must show a financial transaction has taken place. The document must show "paid" or "charged" and include your name. Confirmations, reservations and itineraries are not sufficient.  

Can I get a cash advance or is everything reimbursement based?

Everything is reimbursement based, no cash advance. Sorry!

Who is reviewing my application?

The Conference Funding Committee is a group of your peers and Student Council members. The committee will consist of at least two Student Council members. 

If you're interested in sitting on the Committee, please contact us at:

I’ve submitted an application, when will I hear back?

The Committee meets on a weekday the first and third week of each month. You should hear back from the Committee within two weeks of submitting your application.  

How long will it take for me to get reimbursed?

Once you have your receipts and deliverable have been received, the Committee submits them to the Administration for reimbursement. You will receive an email from the Cashier's Office when your check is ready for pick up. This process takes about two weeks from the time you send in your receipts and deliverable.

How much time do I have to submit my receipts and deliverable after my conference?

You have a period of four (4) weeks to provide receipts and deliverable, or your award will be considered forfeited.

What if I am attending a conference during the summer?

The school's fiscal year closes June 30th. If your conference occurs before that date, apply during the preceding semester(s). If your conference occurs after that date, apply during the following academic year.

What if I’ve already received an award e-mail but my expenses have changed?

Keep the Committee updated on any and all changes to your expenses. We will do our best to work with your needs.