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MIIS Flag Football

Fostering the next generation of the world's policymakers with America's Game

Club President: Alessandro Regio

Club Treasurer: Noosha Aftahi

MIIS Futbol Club - Globadores

The MIIS Futbol Club (aka The Globadores) is a competitive soccer team that is made up of students of the Monterey Institute in Monterey, California. Players come from all over the world to be a part of the "Globadores" MIIS soccer team. The team plays in the Monterey Peninsula Soccer League during fall and spring semesters. Games take place Sundays at Pacific Grove High School in Pacific Grove (a 10 minute car ride from campus), and are great social and school pride activities.

Club Captain: Jonathan Wills

Club Co-Captain: Jason Hernandez

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MIIS Martial Arts

The MIIS Martial Arts Club seeks to provide essential self defense skills in a safe and fun environment. Martial arts is a great way to build confidence while training body and mind alike. MIIS Martial Arts is available for any student/faculty no matter the experience level. Martial arts bridge cultural, organizational, and even language divides by bringing people together for a rewarding experience and also an old fashioned good time. The confidence learned in martial arts will affect many aspects of your life, not just the techniques and skills learned on the mats.


Club President: Jordan Cavalier

Club Vice President: Jack Tucker

MIIS Masala International Dance Club

Our purpose is to increase exposure of international dance styles and music.

Club President: Alison Coe

Club Treasurer: Chloe Shen

MIIS Softball Club - The MIISFits

The purpose of the MIISFits softball team is to provide a recreational outlet for the MIIS community, without excluding based on gender or ability. Students & alumni will practice and compete against local teams, providing entertainment to other MIIS students in an alcohol-free environment.

Club President: Danny McCarthy

Club Treasurer: Nick Peluso

MIIS Underwater

Monterey Institute Underwater Club. Diving, snorkeling and other underwater exploration, relating to ALL
programs at MIIS. T&I, IEM, IEP, IPS, NPTS and TESOL... (And anyone else!) MIIS Underwater isn't just a
scuba club(although a great place to meet dive buddies). We are students who are interested in exploring the
underwater world, and sharing it with others.

Club President: Jim Keel

Club Treasurer: Angel Quitanilla

MIIS Ultimate Frisbee Club

The MIIS Ultimate Frisbee Club exists to provide a friendly environment in which players of all skill levels can
enjoy the game of ultimate; promote physical fitness and well-being; and to foster teamwork and sportsmanship as we play within the "spirit of the game."

Club President: Julia Benson

Club Treasurer:

Outdoor Recreation Club

The ODRC is a collaboration of students inviting the entire MIIS community to enjoy the many opportunities for outdoor fun in the greater Monterey Bay region.  We lead several outdoor activities throughout each semester including hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing, running, cycling, surfing, and more.  We even provide affordable equipment rentals and workshops to help YOU enjoy the great outdoors on your own time.  Last but not least, we lead the First-semester Outdoor Orientation Trip (FOOT) prior to the start of each semester to introduce incoming students to MIIS outside the classroom.  Outdoor adventures are a great way for new students to bond and create lasting memories.

Club President: Theresa Gauvreau

Club Treasurer:


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The Feminine MIIStique (Women's Soccer)

We want to give female MIIS students an opportunity to play soccer in a low-cost, low-commitment
environment. Of course, girls are encouraged to try out for the coed team, but many feel that it is too
competitive, expensive, and time-consuming. We allow girls of all skill levels to participate, and our main
objective is to offer everyone a chance to take a study break and have fun.

Club President: Kate Macken

Club Treasurer: Stephanie Gentle

Yoga Club

To provide complimentary yoga classes to the MIIS community.

Club President: Aurora Magarita-Goldkamp

Club Treasurer: Anya Watford