Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Sports and Recreation

MIIS Climbing Club

The MIIS Climbing club serves to unite the MIIS climbing community of all levels. Experienced members serve as encouraging mentors for novice climbers. The club offers a supportive space where climbers of all backgrounds can hold each other accountable for getting outdoors during busy academic moments and growing together through a mutual love of the sport.

President: Jon Fain

Treasurer: Margot Draeger

MIIS Futbol Club - Globadores

The MIIS Futbol Club (aka The Globadores) is a competitive soccer team that is made up of students of the Institute in Monterey, California. Players come from all over the world to be a part of the "Globadores" MIIS soccer team. The team plays in the Monterey Peninsula Soccer League during fall and spring semesters. Games take place Sundays at Pacific Grove High School in Pacific Grove (a 10 minute car ride from campus), and are great social and school pride activities.

Captain: Jared Carvalho

Vice-Captains: Dan Swinyard

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The MIIStery Machine Volleyball Club

We are a coed team of casual but dedicated beach volleyball players to play against other adult intramural teams in the Monterey Bay area. We plan on practicing on the beach volleyball courts near Fishermen's Wharf and organizing a relaxed but consistent schedule of matches against other teams. 

Club President: Karl Larsen

Club Treasurer: Daniel Muldoon

MIIS Ping Pong Club welcomes everybody who just want to get some exercises at the ping pong table. It is a great way to relieve stress, stimulate your brain, develop quick reaction, and, of course,  make friends. Come and have some well-deserved fun! 

Club President: Kuanysh Agaidarov

Club Treasurer: Joshua Tarillion

MIIS Softball Club - The MIISFits

The purpose of the MIISFits softball team is to provide a recreational outlet for the MIIS community, without excluding based on gender or ability. Students & alumni will practice and compete against local teams, providing entertainment to other MIIS students in an alcohol-free environment.

President: Seth Timpke

Treasurer: Tyler Henry

Club Email: MIISfitsoftball@miis.edu

Monterey Flyers

Monterey Flyers is a premier running club with a wide range of people from all over the world. Our roots are in running, but our aims are not in competing or racing, rather we enjoy each other’s company in running ourselves better and stronger. 

Club President: Laura Schroeder

Club Treasurer: David Chen

Tabletop Club

The Tabletop Club means to provide a friendly environment in which students can enjoy a wide collection of board games, card games and role-playing games. We want to promote socialization, creativity and allow students to unwind in a friendly environment.

President: Dana Parsons

Treasurer: Bryan Fetner

The ODRC is a collaboration of students inviting the entire MIIS community to enjoy the many opportunities for outdoor fun in the greater Monterey Bay region. We lead several outdoor activities throughout each semester including hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing, running, cycling, surfing, and more. We even provide affordable equipment rentals and workshops to help YOU enjoy the great outdoors on your own time. Last but not least, we lead the First-semester Outdoor Orientation Trip (FOOT) prior to the start of each semester to introduce incoming students to MIIS outside the classroom. Outdoor adventures are a great way for new students to bond and create lasting memories.

Club President: Dash Hillgartner

Club Email: followmeoutdoors@gmail.com


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