Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

MIIS Chapter of National Organizations

Amnesty International

The MIIS chapter of Amnesty International serves to support the organization's advocacy goals and also focus on particular human rights issues that are local and/or important to the MIIS community. Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end abuses of human rights.

Club President: Jacques Belval

Club Treasurer: Laura Schroeder

MIIS Peace Corps Club

This is a place for all MIIS RPCVs, Fellows, PCMIs, and students considering Peace Corps to join together as a Peace Corps community to exchange experiences, thoughts, and organize events promoting the Third Goal.

Club President: Les Miles

Club Treasurer: Tyler Henry

Club Email: Peacecorpsclub@miis.edu

MIIS Society of Wetland Scientists

Section 1.
*To build a sense of community among students, faculty, staff, and professionals in the field of wetland ecology, practice, and policy.
*To promote student participation in community service pertaining to wetland related issues and research activities among members and interested parties within the greater Monterey Bay area.
*To provide a greater insight into the applied nature of environmental policy coursework and stimulate intellectual curiosity
*To support, encourage, and provide opportunities for students to engage in individual service projects, advocacy campaigns, and research as relevant to the field of wetland science and practice and their career interests.
*To provide opportunities to educate individuals in both public and classroom environments on the topic of wetland ecology.
Section 2. To promote ethical leadership and academic achievement, and to cultivate
civic responsibility.
Section 3. To provide students with opportunities to associate and interact with faculty
and community members in a professional arena.

President: Steffanie Munguia

Treasurer: Leann Leon

Net Impact at MIIS

Net Impact at MIIS is committed to Net Impact's mission to mobilize a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change on campus, in the workplace and the world.

President: Austen Stranahan

Treasurer: Tyler Higginson

Toastmasters International MIIS Chapter

The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. Through this mission, each Toastmaster gains a clear understanding of the club’s purpose, and the organization as a whole benefits from a shared set of values and goals.

President: Mario Lamar

Treasurer: Khadija Abdel Hafiz-Sokaria

Club Email: miistoast@gmail.com

Club Website: http://www.miis.edu/student-life/clubs/miischapter/node/33090