International Organizations

American Red Cross Club

The American Red Cross club at MIIS works in collaboration with the International Services office of our local chapter, American Red Cross Monterey Bay (ARCMB). The mission of the club parallels that of ARCMB International Services, i.e. to "advocate for the relief of human suffering and for the education, support and development of impartial relief efforts, including the promotion of International Humanitarian Law."


Club President: Angelique Stevens

Club Treasurer: Liz Martinis

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Global Majority

Global Majority is an international non-governmental organization committed to the promotion of non-violent conflict resolution through education & training, networking and advocacy. We believe that an overwhelming majority of the global population aspires to live in peace. We believe that principled dialogue is imperative and must replace violent conflict if humankind is to thrive. and will embrace the tools and reforms necessary to advance this call.

Club President: Michael Lui

Club Treasurer: Margaret Coleman

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Model UN

Model UN of MIIS will provide members with an opportunity to practice and showcase their professional skills, develop social and professional networks, and demonstrate the abilities of MIIS students to a larger academic community.

President: Kirstin Kelley

Treasurer: Rohan John