Event Planning

We hope the following information is helpful to you as you plan your club event. It is important that you adhere to these policies and rules as failure to do so will result in the immediate cancelation of the event.

Club Sponsored Events Guidelines

Students who are organizing and participating in club sponsored events, on campus or off, are expected to maintain a professional level of conduct reflective of standards set forth by the Student  Code of Conduct outlined in the Policy & Standards Manual

Infractions against the policies put in place by the Office of Student Services regarding student club events may result in further disciplinary action, including but not limited to the revocation of event privileges, and the dissolution of the club.

Event Logistics

Campus Emergencies

All students hosting an event on behalf of a club are required to watch this video in the event of an on-campus emergency.

Campus Services Requests

Requests for Campus Services support need to be made in addition to the Event Request Form. Please fill out the online Event Logistics Request Form to request support from Campus Services, Media Services, Information Technology and Campus Security.

Event Identification Procedure
  • Students must show a CA or other state driver’s license and their MIIS ID; if they do not have a CA or other state driver’s license, a passport and their MIIS ID can be used for proof of age and to enter a student club or Student Council event.
  • MIIS IDs will confirm student status.
  • MIIS IDs also contain date of birth to further ensure legal drinking age.
  • If alcohol is being served, those 21 and over will receive a hand stamp or bracelet.
Event Sponsorship

Individual students may not sponsor an event and should consider the following options:

  1. Ask an existing relevant club to sponsor the event.
  2. Request that the Student Council sponsor the event.
  3. Ask an academic division to sponsor the event.
Room Reservation Request Form

Student Club's must submit the Room Request Form. All aspects of the event must be approved by the Director of Student Life prior to planning the event.

This form will also be submitted to Room Reserve for confirmation of event location, and calendaring.
You can check on room availability by going to the 25Live room viewer to check on dates.

Policies and Procedures

Alcohol Policy

Permission to serve alcohol at a club event, whether on or off campus, is a privilege, not a right. The following rules must be observed when hosting an event that may serve alcohol to club members.

  • The permission for distribution of alcohol at club events is at the discretion of the Assistant Dean of Student Services or Director of Student Life.
  • Club events serving alcohol are restricted to members of the MIIS community including: students, two guests per student, faculty and staff.  If alcohol is served no admission fee may be charged and no charge or donation for alcohol can be asked or made.
  • Club events that are open to the community outside of the Monterey Institute are prohibited from serving alcohol.
  • If a club has been approved to serve alcohol at an event, food must be provided. This can include light snacks, appetizers, non-alcoholic beverages or more substantial fare.
  • Club members must ID students, their guests, faculty, and staff who are attending a club event where alcohol is being served to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not served to persons under the legal drinking age (21).
  • The sale of goods for the purpose of admission, the raising of funds or the exchange of money of any kind at an event where alcohol is being served is not permitted.  This constitutes the sale of alcohol which is against the law without an issued license.
  • No hard alcohol will be allowed at student club or Student Council events.
  • Do not serve alcohol to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.
  • The host and or server could have personal liability if someone is knowingly over served and is injured or injures someone else.
Food & Beverage Policy

Food and beverages are permitted to be served at all club events. However, approval is required and some on campus locations may have restrictions regarding the consumption of food and beverages on the premises.  Questions regarding Campus policies can be directed to Room Reservations.

The club hosting the event is responsible for providing their own utensils, table cloths, and napkins.

Learn more about how to "green" your event.

Fundraising Procedures

All clubs must follow the fundraising policy established by the Office of Institutional Advancement (IA).  Please refer to the Fundraising Procedures for more information.

Guest Policy
  1. Each MIIS student will be permitted to bring up to two non-MIIS ID holder guests to events where alcohol is being served.
  2. Guests must be accompanied by a current MIIS student or alumni to enter the event.
  3. MIIS student confirms his/her status with their MIIS ID.
  4. Guest confirms his/her status with a government issued ID.
  5. A guest list must be created by event organizers and used at check-in.
  6. Student volunteers responsible for check-in will record each student’s name and the names of their guest(s).
  7. Names of guests must be submitted to the Office of Student Services following the event. The list should be submitted in person or via email: to student.services@miis.edu.
Liability Release

When a club is hosting a high risk activity or event (this will be determined by the Assistant Dean of Student Services or the Director of Student Life), it is required that all participants sign the appropriate Liability Release.

On-Campus Video Screening

In order to comply with federal copyright regulations, students must purchase licensing rights for public showing of a particular film, TV show or documentary on campus.

DVDs borrowed from the MIIS library are eligible to be screened on campus.

Promote Your Event!

For guidance and advice on promoting your campus event, please visit the How to Promote Your Event page.

Additional Planning Information

Access to Reserved Space

Campus Security is responsible for having the appropriate doors open for your use and they will lock the room when your event is finished.  If your room is not unlocked, call Security at 647-4153 or use a blue campus phone.


Student Clubs hosting an event, on campus or off, are expected to exercise great care when using the facilities and are asked to provide timely and thorough cleanup of the room and other areas where the event was held.  Each club is responsible for providing the necessary supplies for cleanup at each event. All furniture should be returned to its original set-up following the completion of the event.

Noise Levels

The MIIS campus is located in the heart of downtown Monterey, and as such is liable to follow all city laws and ordinances.  Due to the campus proximity to residential areas student clubs hosting on campus events after dark must adhere to the City of Monterey’s noise ordinances.  The hours between 10:00pm and 6:00am are designed as “quiet hours” and excessive noise is subject to a fine.  Additionally outdoor amplification is prohibited at the Samson Center Courtyard, the Holland Center, and any other outdoor venues on campus.