Thinking about fundraising for your Student Club? Find out how here.

Fundraising Procedures and Guidelines

The Monterey Institute of International Studies, and the Student Council, encourages students to reach out to the Monterey community for various types of financial assistance. To ensure this is done in a manner that upholds the reputation of MIIS and the professional standards of the student body and student clubs (clubs or otherwise heron referred to as “groups”); fundaising activities must comply with the following policies.


Only groups that are recognized by the Student Council and the Office of Student Services may engage in any fundraising activities. Fundraising on the Institute’s behalf (or use of the Institute’s Federal Tax ID number) without express authorization of Student Services and the Advancement Office is a violation of this policy.

Types of Fundraising Activities

There are three types of fundraising activities that this policy encompasses: individual donor solicitations, and organization solicitations, and fundraising events. Fundraising events are approved on a case by case basis. If you would like to pursue an event please call the Institutional Advancement Office at 831-647-7179. The Institutional Advancement Office provides policies for all cases in which donors make charitable, tax-deductible, contributions to groups.

General Guidelines

Groups need to:

  • Have all requests for fundraising activities reviewed by the Director of Student Life or the Assistant Dean of Student Services, and the Institutional Advancement Office.
  • Ensure that funds raised are to be used for Institute-related purposes consistent with the approved mission of the organization and objectives of the fundraising event.

Groups cannot:

  • Solicit donations or gifts from local merchants, alumni, friends, or other external constituencies without permission from the Institutional Advancement Office.
  • Directly solicit funds via campus mail or engage in door-to-door solicitation, either on or off campus.
  • Maintain an off campus bank account for fundraising.

Institute-connected or quasi- or wholly- public (private, nonprofit, or for-profit) may not use Institute directories, lists, or other resources for the purpose of solicitation.

All funds collected in the name of the group must be turned over to the Office of Student Services for deposit into their Institute account no more than seven days after the event.

Solicitation of Donors and Access to the Institute Tax ID Number

Any solicitation letters (or any other communication vehicles) must be approved by the Institutional Advancement Office before distribution and must include the wording “make checks payable to Monterey Institute” in some capacity.

Monetary Gifts

Not all monetary gifts are tax deductible. Determining whether a donor’s gift of cash or a cash equivalent is eligible for a tax deduction is based on several factors outlined by the IRS.

A general test is to ask whether the donor will get anything in return (admission to an event, advertising, a gift or award, special status or other privileges, etc.). If the answer is yes, then contact Institutional Advancement to help with the determination of tax-deductibility. Please do not promise a tax deduction if you are unsure, direct specific questions to Institutional Advancement.

Gifts in Kind

Non-cash donations of merchandise (i.e. books, clothing, food, etc.) are considered gift in kind. Please note that donated services are never tax-deductible. If the donor is not interested in receiving a tax-deduction, the gift in kind can be accepted. Donors can be given the Tax ID number only if the gift is approved and accepted and only if the donor requests it. The gift receipt and acknowledgement letter will not state a value; the donor is responsible for determining the allowable amount (Institutional Advancement will send the appropriate paperwork). Acceptance guidelines follow:

  • Gifts in kind follow the same solicitation guidelines as stated above.
  • When a gift in kind if offered by a donor, student group leaders should complete a Gift-In-Kind Acceptance Form.
  • The group should submit the form to the in Institutional Advancement Office for approval prior to receiving the goods.
  • Once approval is given, the group can receive the gift in kind. If the donor has requested a tax deduction, the gift in kind receipt will provide that information.

Additional Questions and Contact Information

For additional questions, please contact Kenley Butler, Director of Development, in Institutional Advancement
McGowan 300