Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Start a Club Blog

Has your Student Club been approved? Great! Now it's time to create a blog to connect your club to the world through web and social media.

Student Club Blogs

One of the best ways to generate new membership and create interest in your club is by having a website or blog. You can easily create a site through the MIIS Blogging Community. Just follow our easy five step guide to get started!

Create Your Club Blog in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Decide What to Blog About
    Always remember the Golden Rule of Blogging: Don’t create content you wouldn’t read. Blogging intentionally breaks the rules of traditional media. Your blog posts should be FUN, and it doesn’t hurt if you make us laugh and cry at the same time. As a student club, you could publish anything from meeting notes to promotional materials for campus events on your blog. You could even live blog and tweet your events!
  2. Name Your Blog
    There are three parts to naming your site: choosing a title, tag line, and URL (everything after blogs.miis.edu/). For your blog title and tag line, this is your chance to be funny, ironic, and clever. For the URL, make sure you only use lowercase letters.
  3. Choose a Theme
    Wordpress themes bring a unique look and feel to your blog. There are over 10 theme options to choose from on blogs.miis.edu and many of the elements (background color, header photo, sidebar widgets, etc.) are customizable. Keep in mind that you want your blog design to highlight your content and help to tell the story of your student club. When designing your blog try to think visually, not textually.
  4. Integrate with Social Networks
    You can seamlessly feature your Facebook pages and Twitter profiles on your blog through the "Twitter Widget Pro" plugin and "Facebook Like Box" plugin. With the "Like" plugin, you can also add a Facebook Like Button at the end of your posts, empowering readers to share your posts with their Facebook networks.
  5. Promote Your Blog
    We encourage you to use your blog as a platform to reach out to the larger MIIS, MIDD, and Monterey County communities. There are endless opportunities to spread the word about your blogging efforts. Share your blog on the MIIS social networks, tell people about it on MIIS Radio, advertise on the digital signs, or simply tell all of your friends and family.

Visit blogs.miis.edu to learn how to get started and check out more blogging tips.