Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Awareness and Issue-based

Fair Traders at MIIS

The Fair Traders at MIIS makes a commit to the education and propagation of Fair Trade awareness though the activities it conducts and the events it holds. We as a club will commit to bringing the issues associated with free trade and the global trading system as a whole front and center on the MIIS campus as we represent Fair Trade USA as a Fair Trade designated graduate school.

President: Harrison Gill

Treasurer: Celina Lima

Geospatial Skills and Analytical Tools (GSAT)

Provide a collaborative club forum for student members to explore, discuss, and utilize geospatial skills and relevant analytical tools. Club shall work with student members, school faculty and staff, and select professionals and institutions to develop opportunities aimed at increasing knowledge and proficiency with geospatial tools, analysis, and application. Club shall prioritize collaborative dialogue and projects among student members. Club shall encourage participation and relevant dialogue with international students. Club shall pursue affiliation with a professional association or society as determined by Officers and student members. Club may also raise awareness of geospatial tools and relevant applications among the general student body and public through outreach events organized and hosted by Club. 

President: Christopher Fagioli

Treasurer: Christopher Ketponglard

MIIS Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

Our goal is to promote community awareness and concern of human trafficking in terms of identification and wider international impact.

President: Simon White

Club Treasurer: Thomas Villagomez

MIIS Ocean Club

Our vision: A MIIS community connecting with and connected by the ocean.

Presidents: Siobhan Gibbons

Treasurer: Karen Rosen

Our Green Thumb

Our Green Thumb Community Garden is just that – a community garden shared between MIIS students, MIIS faculty and MIIS neighbors. We’re proud to offer free garden space to anyone interested in digging in the dirt and dedicated to doing his/her fair share of the upkeep. In addition to vegetable plots, Our Green Thumb hosts the campus composting system (including several worm bins) and offers free workshops to everyone in the MIIS community.

Co-Manager: Ellen Olack

Co-Manager: Patrick Wilhelmy

Club Email: ourgreenthumbgarden@miis.edu 

Veterans Organization

The VO is open to all students and exists to empower its members to create professional opportunities and develop robust relationships that enable student veterans to achieve their academic goals, to increase overall competitiveness in the workforce and to foster camaraderie. We aim to be a highly regarded student club trusted by veterans and club collaborators for visionary club leadership, and commitment to excellence in our activities.

President: Daniel Swinyard

Treasurer: April Tilley