Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Awareness and Issue-based

Anti-Human Trafficking Club

Our goal is to promote community awareness and concern of human trafficking in terms of identification and wider international impact.

Club President: Simon White

Club President: Mikki Franklin

Club Treasurer: Thomas Villagomez

MIIS Ocean Club

Our vision: A MIIS community connecting with and connected by the ocean.

Club President: Joshua Morris

Club Treasurer: Shuan Richards

MIIS Radio Club

The purpose of the MIIS Radio Club is to coordinate a dynamic group of radio contributors for the Institute via the Digital Learning Commons. Contributors will help to foster student-led communication efforts on and off campus by hosting podcast-based radio shows and promoting them for the good of the MIIS community.

Podcasts will be focused on inter/intra MIIS community affairs, including such topics as: Professor affairs, RCPV/Yellow Ribbon affairs, Environmental affairs, on/off campus event reporting, homegrown culinary recipes, international affairs (like NPR for MIIS), and others. This is a flexible club that will reflect student passions and involvement.

President: Allie Jones

Treasurer: James Walker

Club Email: radio@miis.edu

Our Green Thumb

Our Green Thumb Community Garden is just that – a community garden shared between MIIS students, MIIS faculty and MIIS neighbors. We’re proud to offer free garden space to anyone interested in digging in the dirt and dedicated to doing his/her fair share of the upkeep.

In addition to vegetable plots, Our Green Thumb hosts the campus composting system (including several worm bins) and offers free workshops to everyone in the MIIS community. A few of our projects this semester will be building raised beds and holding a vermiculture workshop to harvest worms for the worm sale.

Club President: Galen Wangberg

Thirst and Hunger Innovative Solutions

This is an organization of committed MIIS students and faculty who seek pragmatic solutions to water scarcity and related human suffering. The organization will design and prototype simple water conservation equipment with potential applicability in contexts of poverty and extreme need. The organization will serve as a think tank and sounding board for all community members impassioned to work together toward resolutions in thirst. The centralization and dissemination of knowledge in the field will represent a major component of our activities. As we evolve, the organization will shift to include implementation of ideas with exceptional potential.

Club President: Rebekah Cordell

Vegan Revolution

The reVolution starts on your plate. Making veganism easy. Technology, media, and design to support vegan choices. Vegan speakers, vegan feed-outs, earth day events, education events, creating projects using the Behavior Design Workshop at MIIS, and film screenings.

Club President: Sophia Longas

Veterans Organization

The VO is open to all students and exists to empower its members to create professional opportunities and develop robust relationships that enable student veterans to achieve their academic goals, to increase overall competitiveness in the workforce and to foster camaraderie. We aim to be a highly regarded student club trusted by veterans and club collaborators for visionary club leadership, and commitment to excellence in our activities.

Club President: Justin Loza