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Africa Nation

We will be the African Diaspora's very own group on heritage, arts, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health, travel and more for the greater MIIS community. Our goal is to highlight various elements of African culture and heritage. We hope to provide balance to Africa related media coverage. We also hope to provide information as it relates to travel, education, and other Africa Diaspora related opportunities.

Club President: George Payne

Club Treasurer: Fabrice Londeke

Gay & Co.

Gay & Co. is the MIIS community’s Gay-Straight Alliance, promoting awareness, understanding, and communication for LGBTQAI issues within the framework of our unique multicultural setting. Club members are willing to provide outreach on an informal basis to those within the MIIS and Monterey communities who have questions about sexuality and related issues.

Club President: Bruno Rossi

Club Treasurer: Kirstin Kelley



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(Hu)SAND Group

The (Hu)SAND Group was officially formed in February 2013 as the result of a merger between two on-campus organizations at the Monterey Institute of International Studies: the SAND Cluster and the Human Security and Development Club.  SAND, an acronym for Security and Development, has been active for nearly 20 years.  During, which, SAND members have produced cutting edge research and projects. The Human Security and Development Club was started in the Fall of 2012 to provide a network for Human Security and Development graduate students at the Monterey Institute. The merger has provided our team an opportunity to establish a professional working group of Human Security and Development practitioners, a central database for research and projects related to the field of Human Security, and a method for networking on a global scale.

Co-Presidents: Katie Krueger & Joshua Fleming

Treasurer: Anna Rasmussen

Faculty Advisers: Dr. Tsuneo Akaha & Dr. Edward Laurance

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Misión Gaia

This club is for all students interested in supporting Fundación Misión Gaia in Minca, Colombia in their efforts
to create a sustainable tourism strategy for the region though volunteering.

Club President: Whitney White
Club Treasurer:

Our Green Thumb

Our Green Thumb Community Garden is just that – a community garden shared between MIIS students, MIIS faculty and MIIS neighbors. We’re proud to offer free garden space to anyone interested in digging in the dirt and dedicated to doing his/her fair share of the upkeep.

In addition to vegetable plots, Our Green Thumb hosts the campus composting system (including several worm bins) and offers free workshops to everyone in the MIIS community. A few of our projects this semester will be building raised beds and holding a vermiculture workshop to harvest worms for the worm sale.

Club President: Trent Hodges

Prudent Water Investments

This is an organization of committed MIIS students and faculty who seek pragmatic solutions to water scarcity and related human suffering. The organization will design and prototype simple water conservation equipment with potential applicability in contexts of poverty and extreme need. The organization will serve as a think tank and sounding board for all community members impassioned to work together toward resolutions in thirst. The centralization and dissemination of knowledge in the field will represent a major component of our activities. As we evolve, the organization will shift to include implementation of ideas with exceptional potential.

Club President: Muhammed Sayed

Club Vice President: Reese Hodges

Club Treasurer: Trent Hodges

Email Address:

Students for Ethical Governance and Policymaking

To critically engage with the ethical quandaries offered by work in fields related to our studies at the Monterey Institute and be a space for all of us to develop our personal and professional philosophies and ethics.

Club President: Alessandro Regio

Club Treasurer: Mohammed Abdulmajeed

Students for Sustainability

Students for Sustainability Club provides a platform to share ideas and develop opportunities that expand environmental stewardship on the MIIS campus. Through the club, students position themselves as professional advisors to the Monterey Institute, implementing energy and carbon reduction strategies, in addition to a host of other sustainability initiatives on campus. The club provides practical experience that advances networking by serving as an interface between students and leaders in the sustainability sector as well as by developing partnerships and hosting events.

Club President: Jenifer Jackson

Club Treasurer: Molly Hubbard

Facebook Page:

Veterans Organization

The MIIS Veterans Organization exists to serve the unique needs of the veteran community at MIIS by
fostering a sense of community amongst veterans, providing critical veteran-related support and services, and sponsoring military and veteran-related events and activities.

Club President: Bailey Williams

Club Treasurer: Thomas Shannon