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Conflict Resolution Association

To expose and engage students in a broad range of topics relating to conflict resolution that will deepen their understanding of different aspects, issues, theories, and areas. To serve as a platform in which students put forward their ideas and turn them into an educational event for the community, for conflict resolution students, and for themselves.

Club President: Darina Burina

Club Treasurer: Alessandro Regio


The COS MARINE (Center for Ocean Solutions Monterey Area Research Institutions' Network for Education) student club is designed for MIIS students who may not be a part of the MARINE network to engage and participate with MARINE related networking events, especially those hosted here at MIIS. It is especially related to students in the Ocean and Coastal Resource Management track within IEP, but intended to help facilitate networking throughout the campus with regards to MARINE related activities.

Club President: Kelsey Richardson

Club Treasurer: Maren Farnum

Cyber Security Student Working Group

The Cyber Security Student Working Group (CSWG) is a MIIS student-led organization striving to build cyber capability among the next generation of international policy professionals. To this end we are working with experts in the community and the region to educate, empower and entertain the student body, faculty and staff at MIIS

Club President: Dan Gifford

Club Treasurer: Ben Volscko

Monterey Institute Trade Club

The Trade Club is a forum for policy professionals to discuss a myriad of issues related to trade, investment,
and development while highlighting the role that trade plays in policy, negotiation, and international relations in all sectors. Our focus is to supplement the MIIS classroom learning environment with real world examples and experiences in order to provide and gain a dynamic perspective on the world today. The club provides the opportunity to expand the contact network both on and off campus with similarly-oriented people. A goal is to present trade issues, and how, we as learning professionals, can contribute resolutions to problems by contributing innovative solutions.

Club President: Aileen Yang

Club Treasurer: Jack Lomicky

MBA Student Association

The MBA Student Association exists to enrich the Fisher MBA program with social, career networking, and professional development events.  The club provides opportunities for students to meet and build connections with faculty members and alumni as well as gain relevant professional information from speakers both affiliated with and outside of the MIIS community.

Club President: James Waltenburg

Club Co-President: Paul Sonnier

Facebook Page:

North Korean Studies Group

North Korean Studies Group is a student led initiative to act as a mechanism for MIIS students to further develop, define, and enrich their academic understanding of DPRK related issues.

Club President: Dave Schmerler

Club Treasurer:

Terrorism Studies Club

The Terrorism Studies Club (TSC) is a student organization at the Monterey Institute of International Studies that seeks to enrich its members through a series of educational, professional, and social events. By providing a positive and multifaceted support environment, the Terrorism Studies Club aims to assist students in fulfilling their highest academic potential and embarking on successful careers as security and counter terrorism professionals.

Club President: Ruben Gzirian

Club Treasurer: Helen Kei