Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

On-campus parking is available for faculty, staff, and students who live more than one mile from campus.

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey administers a comprehensive parking program as required by local ordinances. Parking permit eligibility and regulations (including conditions and limitations) are specified below. You may obtain a copy of the policy at the Campus Security Office.

Campus Security performs the following functions:

  • Enforcement of parking regulations
  • Vehicle abatement
  • Traffic control for special events and unusual occurrences
  • Distribution of parking permits


Parking permits are required Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm and are valid only in posted, designated parking lots. Parking permits are issued at the Campus Security Office next to the Lara-Soto Adobe. Parking for special events may supersede existing permit parking. Institute parking permits are not valid for parking in city owned parking facilities.

  • All vehicles/parking permit holders must be currently registered and insured at all times when parked on MIIS facilities. Additionally, MIIS facilities are for the use of current faculty, staff, and students only unless prior authorization is granted in writing. By signing the below acknowledgement and agreement, I agree to abide with the terms of this policy. I further understand that issuance of this permit does not guarantee me a parking space and that violation of the policy may result in revocation of my permit. I finally understand that I must park in designated parking stalls only. The entire parking policy may be obtained through Campus Security or Student Services.
  • One permit per applicant. Permits are self adhesive to glass and are intended to be switched out between vehicles.
  • All permits will be displayed on the driver’s side front lower windshield. Permit is invalid if not properly displayed and must be visible from outside the vehicle.
  • No long term parking in Institute lots. Long term parking is considered anything longer than 3 days. Any requests for longer than 3 days of parking must be submitted to security@miis.edu.
  • All vehicles found in violation of the Institute’s parking policy are subject to ticketing and/or towing.
  • A permit licenses you to park and lock one vehicle in a designated area at your sole risk. Campus does not guard or assume care, custody, or control of your vehicle or its contents and is not responsible for fire, theft, damage, or loss. Owner issues this agreement as your contract. Only a license to park is granted hereby and no bailment is created. Cars left over 30 days without notification may be impounded at vehicle owner’s expense. This is your entire contract and may not be modified or waived of any of its terms. By acceptance of it, you agree to all foregoing terms.


Parking warnings are issued by Campus Security in an effort to enforce the regulations outlined in this page. If you wish to contest a parking warning issued by campus security, you can email Campus Security at security@miis.edu or stop the Campus Security Office.

City of Monterey Web Site

Please refer to the City of Monterey Parking for regulations, locations, and availability of city-owned parking.

Parking Penalties

The following is a list of penalties for common parking violations. The City of Monterey maintains parking regulations and fines which may supersede the Institute parking regulations and penalties.

  • Expired Meter-$35.00
  • Time Limit-$35.00
  • Loading Zone-$35.00
  • Parked Over Line-$35.00
  • Failure to Pay Fee-$35.00
  • No Parking Zone-$100.00
  • Disabled Parking Zone-$285.00

Some parking violations may be administered by the City of Monterey Traffic Division at the request of the Institute. Citations issued by the City will be clearly marked as such. Please follow directions on these citations in order to make restitution directly to the City of Monterey. The Institute does not collect fines for city issued violations. The City of Monterey Police Department is located two blocks to the east of the Institute on Pacific Street.


The Institute reserves the right to have any vehicle towed if it is found in violation of Institute parking regulations, and the owner of said vehicle fails to remedy the violation situation once proper notice has been given to the owner. All towing fines and storage costs are the responsibility of the vehicle's owner, and arrangements must be made with the towing company by the vehicle's owner to retrieve the towed vehicle. Records to have a vehicle towed are kept at the campus security office. Please contact Campus Security to determine if your vehicle has been requested to be towed.

Requests for Reserved Parking for Guests

Institute parking lot spaces for guests are reserved on a very limited basis and generally for only high-level visitors. Since parking on the MIIS campus is limited, the following are helpful hints in locating nearby parking other than the ever-busy Institute faculty/staff and student parking lots:

1) There are three City of Monterey parking lots around our campus—parking lot 4 at the corner of Van Buren and Franklin, parking lot 8 in front of Casa Fuente, and parking lot 7, which is across Pacific Street. Lots 4 and 7 have ticket machines. Lot 8 is a partially metered lot.

2) The MIIS campus map shows both Institute parking and City parking lots 4 & 8. City parking lot 7 is not on the map, but it is directly across Pacific Street from Casa Fuente (Building #18 on the campus map).

If you feel that reserved parking is needed, e-mail barbara.burke@miis.edu with your request.


Bicycles must be parked in designated bicycle racks and shall not be secured to stairways, benches, light poles, utility fixtures, parking devices, signs or any other object not specifically intended for bicycle parking. Bicycles are not allowed in buildings. Bicycles should not be left overnight on campus, to discourage theft. Bicycles left more than 48 hours will be ticketed. Illegally parked bicycles are subject to impound by Security.