Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Formerly the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

On-campus parking is available for students who live more than one mile from campus. 

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies administers a comprehensive parking program as required by local ordinances. Parking permit eligibility and regulations (including conditions and limitations) are specified in the Institute Parking Policy. You may obtain a copy of the policy at the Security and Safety office.

 Campus security and safety performs the following functions:
    •    Enforcement of parking regulations
    •    Vehicle abatement
    •    Traffic control for special events and unusual occurrences
    •    Distribution of parking permits


Parking permits are required 24 hours per day, seven days per week and are valid only in posted, designated parking lots. Parking permits are issued at the Campus Security and Safety Office next to the Admission Adobe. Parking for special events may supersede existing permit parking. Institute parking permits are not valid for parking in city owned parking facilities.


Parking citations are issued by the Security and Safety Department in an effort to enforce the regulations outlined in the Institute Traffic and Parking Regulations. If you wish to contest a parking citation, you must initiate the Administrative Review process by completing a Request for Citation Review form available at the Security and Safety Office.

City of Monterey Web Site

Please refer to the City of Monterey Parking website for regulations, locations and availability of city-owned parking.

Parking Penalties

The following is a list of penalties for common parking violations.  The City of Monterey maintains parking regulations and fines which may supersede the Institute parking regulations and penalties.
    •    No Parking Permit Visible - $25.00
    •    Possession of Lost, Stolen, Forged, or Altered Parking Permit - $100.00
    •    Parking in a Red Zone - $25.00
    •    Parking Off Pavement - $25.00
    •    Parking of a Prohibited Vehicle - $25.00
    •    Parking Over 72 Hours - $25.00
    •    Unregistered Vehicle - $25.00
    •    Obstructing Traffic - $25.00
    •    Double Parking - $25.00
    •    Parking in a Fire Lane - $50.00
    •    Parking in a Disabled Stall or Space - $275.00
    •    Unattended Vehicle; Brakes Not Set, Engine Running - $25.00
    •    Blocking a Sidewalk Access Ramp - $275.00

Some parking violations may be administered by the City of Monterey Traffic Division at the request of the Institute.  Citations issued by the city will be clearly marked as such.  Please follow directions on these citations in order to make restitution directly to the City of Monterey.  The Institute does not collect fines for city issued violations.  The City of Monterey Police Department is located two blocks to the east of the Institute on Pacific Street.


The Institute reserves the right to have any vehicle towed if it is found in violation of Institute parking regulations, and the owner of said vehicle fails to remedy the violation situation once proper notice has been given to the owner.  All towing fines and storage costs are the responsibility of the vehicle's owner, and arrangements must be made with the towing company by the vehicle's owner to retrieve the towed vehicle.  Records to have a vehicle towed are kept at the Security and Safety Office.  Please contact Campus Security and Safety to determine if your vehicle has been requested to be towed.


An Administrative Review of a parking citation is conducted when a Request for Citation Review form is submitted. The requester will receive notification from the SSD whether the request for cancellation is approved or denied. If the Request for Citation Review is denied, an Administrative Hearing can be arranged.

Please refer to California Vehicle Code for additional information on State of California regulations


Bicycles must be parked in designated bicycle racks and shall not be secured to stairways, benches, light poles, utility fixtures, parking devices, signs or any other object not specifically intended for bicycle parking. Bicycles are not allowed in buildings. Illegally parked bicycles are subject to impound.