Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey


To establish a policy and procedures for the Middlebury Institute of International Studies lost and found management, to include to whom items will be returned (how and under whose authority), and how item(s) will be maintained, tracked, and properly discarded.


All recovered or found item(s) on Middlebury Institute property must be returned to Campus Security for safekeeping. Any item(s) found and the records of such item(s) must be kept for a 30 day period prior to discarding. Exceptions include perishable item(s), hazardous materials, credit cards, or other items that require special handling.

Recovered or Found Item(s)

The Campus Security Manager is the authorized custodian of all lost and found item(s) recovered at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. The Campus Security Manager will be responsible for the physical inventory of lost and found item(s), and maintain records according to MIIS policy. Security personnel recovering any item(s) should log and tag each item accordingly. Note: every effort will be made to identify the owner of all recovered property.

Returning property

Prior to returning any items to the alleged owner, Security must ensure proper identification of the recovering party and ensure that the printed name and signature is placed on the log sheet and tag. The releasing officer must also sign on the log sheet and the lost and found tag. Every effort should be considered in ensuring proper identification of the item and the retrieving party. All unclaimed item(s) after 30 days shall be discarded with the approval and under the supervision of Campus Security Manager. Listed below are exceptions:

Type of Item Recovered Procedure
Cash Notify Campus Security Manager
Credit Card(s) Notify company of card within 24 hours
Perishable Products Discard
Hazardous Substances Notify Campus Security Manager
Valuables Over $100 Notify Campus Security Manager