Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Legacy Society

Members of the Legacy Society, January 2012

Join a group of friends and alumni from around the world who have combined their affection for the Institute with their desire for sound financial planning. Membership in our Legacy Society is available to those who provide support to MIIS through a bequest or life income gift.

Legacy Society Members

Members of our Legacy Society provide support to the Institute through a bequest or life income gift. This type of long-term giving provides for generations of students and their teachers by building endowment and lasting funding sources.

In addition to knowing they will have a lasting impact on the Institute, members of the Legacy Society receive invitations to exclusive Institute events and a special membership pin.

Dr. E. Philip Morgan, Legacy Society Member
While a professor of politics, public administration and development throughout his career, Dr. Phil Morgan has also worked, inter alia, with The World Bank, USAID and UNDP on diagnostic studies, technical assistance and training in public organization and management improvement, human resource development, program evaluation, and trade capacity-building.
President Sunder Ramaswamy with Ms. Nancy Kaeslin Stone, MATESOL ’74 and Mr. Robert K. Stone

MIIS President Sunder Ramaswamy with Ms. Nancy Kaeslin Stone, MATESOL ’74 and Mr. Robert K. Stone

Magdy Ibrahim (BAPS '85) and Leah Gowron (MPA '97)

Magdy Francis Ibrahim, BAPS ’85 with MIIS Alumni Relations Director Leah Gowron, MPA '97. Magdy is a 20-year restaurant and real estate entrepreneur who is currently working on launching online entrepreneurial and business management software. He is the owner of restaurant Patisserie Boissiere in Carmel, CA, a popular French European bistro in the heart of town.

Current members of the Legacy Society include:

Steven J. Baker & Robert G. Pucci

Jan Black

Christine Pearson Casanave

Cynthia Chaplin & Max Chaplin

Shirley Coly & Edgard Coly

Beth Cort & Dan Cort

James D'Arrigo

Judith Dauphinais

Clara Yu & John C. Deppman

Nancy Doolittle & William Doolittle

Eleanor M. Fritz

Martha S. Fritz & Frederick M. Fritz

Amy Geier & Philip O. Geier

Leah J. Gowron

Mary Grant & William D. Grant

Michele Grau-Young

Kim Hanschman & Thomas R. Hanschman

Linda Childs Hothem

Dayton Hughes

Magdy F. Ibrahim

Gloria Ipson & Michael Ipson

John R. G. Jenkins

Ann Jones-Weinstock

Gisele Kapuscinski

William H. Kieffer III &

James M. May

Noel V. Lateef

Finn Longinotto

Robert W. Lundeen

Donna Manning

Sheila P. Mark & Joseph A. Mark

James McCarthy

Amy McGill

Judith Brown Meyers & Michael Meyers

Joanne Millard

Maureen A. Minnes

Maria C. Morgan & E. Philip Morgan

Tony O’Brian

Sarah F. & Thomas S. Pattison

Joan Peak

Elizabeth Pollock-Scimone

Moyara Ruehsen

Paulien Ruijssenaars &

Nicholas Vicars-Harris

Mary Shaw

Stephanie Sides

Karen A. Stolley &

David J. Littlefield, Jr.

Nancy K. Stone & Robert A. Stone

Carolyn S. Tager

Susanne & Bill Tyler

Ana Maria Velasco & Roberto Barahona

Janet Wall & Robert Gard

Mildred P. Whitt

Anne Wilke

Karen L. Williams

David L. Winter

Jeffrey B. Wood

Suzie & Glynn Wood



For more information about gift planning and the Legacy Society, contact Anne McMenamin, Director of Gift Planning at Middlebury College, 866-496-6433.