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The Veterans Scholarship Fund

From left to right, Eric Young, Manuel Gonzalez Lopez, Carmen Lilia Ibarra and Dave Uyehara Perryman

From left to right, Eric Young, Manuel Gonzalez Lopez, Carmen Lilia Ibarra and Dave Uyehara Perryman

The Veterans Scholarship Fund: How Private Citizens Can Support the New Greatest Generation

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies is pleased to launch the Veterans Scholarship Fund, which is designed to provide partial tuition support to future veterans and their dependents. An ambitious fundraising initiative is underway to raise an endowed fund that will support veterans at the Institute in perpetuity.

The GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the GI Bill in 1944, he stated that the bill gave “emphatic notice to the men and women in our armed forces that the American people do not intend to let them down.” The GI Bill made higher education a reality for veterans, contributing to a period of unparalleled economic expansion and prosperity for the entire country.

The Yellow Ribbon program at the Institute, part of the Post- 9/11 New GI Bill benefits available to veterans, covers full tuition costs for qualifying veterans (or their dependents) for a degree at the Institute. The new Veterans Scholarship Fund will complement the Yellow Ribbon program and will ensure that America’s veterans continue to have access to the quality higher education that the Institute offers.

The Institute is an ideal place for veterans to pursue degrees because of the local military-friendly community and course offerings in international policy, nonproliferation, terrorism studies, foreign languages and international business—areas where many veterans already have experience and competence.

The New Greatest Generation

We have an opportunity to support the new Greatest Generation. Let us be as emphatic as Roosevelt was some 70 years ago in his determination not to let down those who have given so much to our country.

Perhaps you have a veteran, a loved one or friend, whom you would like to honor and recognize with a donation. Please consider making veterans at the Institute a priority in your philanthropic giving.

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