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Peace Corps Scholarship Fund

Peace Corps Scholar Greta Shoop (farthest right) during her 2007-2009 assignment in Azerbaijan co-leading a summer English language girls camp.

Supporting deserving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) through the generosity of the MIIS community.

In 1999, Larry Horan and Sam Farr established the Peace Corps Scholarship Fund, which provides critical financial aid to RPCVs for degree study at MIIS. Horan was the Charter Country Director in Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador, and Farr is the U.S. Representative from California's 17th District and a RPCV from '64 - '66.

Horan and Farr believed that there is a strong connection between field experience and graduate studies at the Institute. However, even though RPCVs are ideal candidates for MIIS programs, they often have little savings to pursue formal training to build up their skills after returning from the field.

We are calling on our alumni and friends to donate $50 or more to the Peace Corps Scholarship Fund to help guarantee that the scholarship can be awarded to deserving RPCVs for years to come.

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Meet the 2010-2011 Scholarship Recipient

Greta Shoop, a native of Bend, Oregon, graduated from MIIS with a master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in 2011. After receiving a BA in history from the University of Oregon, Greta completed two terms in the Peace Corps, first in Romania and then in Azerbaijan.  In Romania, she taught English at two high schools, and in Azerbaijan worked developing courses for the compulsory curriculum.

Today, she has a good command of German, Romanian and Azerbaijani and is a dedicated advocate for education. Says Greta, “My Peace Corps experience taught me how important an advantage English skills are for many people throughout the world, and how experienced, motivated and culturally sensitive instructors can make a difference in their lives and futures by helping them attain those skills.”

Greta is enthusiastic about her MIIS education: “My studies have helped me improve my teaching skills…whether I choose to work in the US or abroad, I feel this program has better prepared me to work with a variety of people within a multitude of different learning situations.”  Greta is currently exploring possible career avenues with ESL programs in the United States as well as Eastern Europe and the Middle East.