Class of 2010 Scholarship Challenge

In celebration of the Class of 2010, Board of Trustee member and Middlebury alumnus, Jed Smith, has generously extended a win-win challenge to the Monterey Institute.

It works like this: If you make a $25 gift to the Jed A. Smith/Class of 2010 Scholarship Fund, Jed will match that gift with a $100 contribution. That’s a total of $125 that will be added to a scholarship fund established in honor of you and your graduating class -- five times your original investment!

Your gift shows that you want to invest in the future of the Institute, which in turn garners support from other philanthropic sources like community donors, foundations, and corporations – preserving the Monterey Institute experience for the future. 

When a student's time on campus is finished, we hope his or her relationship with the Monterey Institute will continue.  Alumni can continue to be engaged and strengthen the MIIS network by attending alumni activities, recruiting students, and participating in the annual fund.

Thank you to those who have already made a gift to the Class of 2010 Scholarship Fund!

Anonymous (4)
Mr. Bulbul Ahammed, MBA '10
Dr. Tsuneo Akaha
Dr. Kathleen Bailey
Ms. Kathleen Balzer, MPA '09
Ms. Rawan Bannoura, MPA '11
Ms. Yuming Bao and Dr. Yuwei Shi
Ms. Laura D. Burian, MATI '98
Barbara L. Burke
Ms. Margaret Chan
Ms. Jia Chen, MAITP '06
Dr. Edgard Coly and Ms. Shirley Coly
Ms. Deborah DeLong
Mr. Mawuor C. Dior, MAIPS '10
Dr. Sandra M. Dow
Ms. Anna M. Dudney
Mrs. Grazyna Dudney, MATFL '93 and Mr. Gary Dudney
Ms. Nina M. Dutra
Dr. Jay Eisenberg
Ms. Zhila F. Emadi, MAIPS '10
Mr. Carl J. Fehlandt, MAIPS '74
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Felton
Ms. Carol Ann M. Fletcher
Mr. Gregory S. Freeman, MAIPS '10
Lois Stalford Freeman
Ms. Aven K. Frey, MAIEP/MBA '10
Ms. Regina Garner
Dr. Lynn Goldstein
Ms. Shuang Gou, MATESOL '10
Leah J. Gowron, MPA '97
Charles A. Green, Jr., MBA’81
Dr. Olaf J. Groth, MAIPS '93 and Dr. Ann E. Reidy
Dr. John Peter Grothe
Mr. John M. Grunder
Mr. William E. Hartnett
Mr. John Hedgcock
Ms. Jennifer C. Hickey, MATESOL '10
Mr. Robert J. Horgan
Mr. Thomas C. Huang, MATLM '10
Mr. Foy Kum Hubert, MAIPS '10
Mrs. Linae Ishii-Devine and Mr. John Devine
Ms. Julie E. Johnson
Renée Jourdenais
Mr. Lefteris Kafatos, MACI '10
Ms. Abigail Kehr, MAIEP '10
Mr. Piet J. Koene, MATI '09
Ms. Heather J. Kokesch, MATESOL '10
Fredric Kropp and Maureen Manning
Caroline K. La Torre, MBA’10
Mr. Sky M. Lantz-Wagner, MATESOL '12
Mr. Alexander N. Lesko, MAIPS '11
Beryl and Sam Levinger
Ms. Ashley Lipps, MATESOL '10
Mr. Samuel P. Marrero
Ms. Beth E. McDermott
Ms. Lynn E. McDonald, MPA '08
Ms. Amy C. McGill
Mr. Benjamin W. Mitchell, MAIPS '10
Ms. Erin M. Morita, MAIPS '85 and Mr. Douglas B. Rodda
R. Mukundan
Tony O'Brian
Mr. Pablo Oliva
President Sunder and Mrs. Varna Ramaswamy
Ms. Krithi Rao, MATESOL '10
Mr. William R. Reinecke, MBA '10
Mr. Alex Rhinehart, MACI '10
Ms. Jessica R. Roach, MBA '10
Ms. Julia Yulissa Salinas, MBA '10
Amy Sands
Ms. Seda Savas, MAIPS/ MBA '10
Ms. Cariad L. Shepherd, MPA '10
Ms. Finayon Gbogbolola Simpson, MATI '10
Mr. Surjit Singh, MAIPS '10
Ms. Miryoung Sohn
Mr. Lars Stenberg Berg, MBA '10
Ms. Jill S. Stoffers, MACD '00
Ms. Carolyn Taylor, MAIPS '05 and Mr. Christian Meyer, SILP '98
Mr. Harold Teng, MATI '10
Mr. Frederick W. Thielke, MBA '10
Ms. Toni M. Thomas, MBA '00
Ms. Amber Vanderwoude, MATESOL '10
Mr. Robert A. Volkman, MAIEP '10
Mr. Cameron Walker, MAIEP '10
Jason & Karen Warburg
Josephine and George White
Mr. Antone A. Zeuli III, MATFL '10