Our Gift to You

We couldn't do it without you! Because of your support, the Monterey Institute continues to be a premier graduate school for international studies. We hope you’ll enjoy these scenic views of Monterey and surrounding areas throughout the year!

Download Desktop Images

Just click on an image below to download one or more of the 1280x800 desktop photos. The image will be downloaded either to your "Desktop," "Downloads" folder, or to a folder that you specify.

  • Windows users: "Open" the .zip file; choose "Extract" to unzip the image folder. The unzipped folder containing the image should appear on your desktop. Right click on the photo and choose "Set as desktop background." If you're using an older version of Windows, right click on your desktop, choose "Personalize," then choose your "Desktop Background" settings.
  • MAC users: Opening the .zip file will automatically unzip the file. Some browsers will automatically unzip the file when you download it. Right click on the photo and choose "Set desktop picture."

Download Entire Set of Desktop Images

Click the image below to download the entire set of desktop images. Save the .zip file and extract the images.



Screensaver Challenge

Once you've downloaded the entire set of desktop images, you can activate them as a screensaver on your computer. Follow these step-by-step instructions for Windows users or Mac users.

Photos by Eduardo Fujii

These images are copyrighted and may only be used as screensavers and desktop backgrounds. All other uses are prohibited.