Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey


Jamie Langlie MPA ’91, Alumni Donor

Jamie Langlie MPA '91 (right) with Elizabeth Anderson
Jamie Langlie MPA '91, pictured at right wearing the gray blazer with Elizabeth Anderson MBA '91, shares her thoughts and memories of the Institute.
1) Why do you give to MIIS?

I can never fully repay the Institute for all that I received/benefited from both while a student, and in the years since.  I’ve used all the program information in my work with the U.S. EPA—it was so practical and realistic to the needs of my agency, and this has been the case throughout my post-MIIS career.  It simply wouldn’t be right not to give back.

2) How do you see your gift making an impact at MIIS?

Scholarships for students are critical.  It’s the student body, their experiences, cultures, knowledge and language that make the campus what it is.  I’m especially glad to see the Washington, D.C. alumni scholarship evolve.  There’s such a large, focused group of MIIS alumni in D.C., and we need to be making this sort of commitment to MIIS.

3) How has MIIS shaped you professionally and personally?

My beer-making passion began at MIIS! My husband Paul and I were part of a group that started a Brewing Club on campus.  We’ve combined our still present passion for brewing with visits to alumni around the world—wherever our beer-making travels take us, we’re likely to find an alum contact.  We’ve also used the MIIS alumni network to assist our daughter in her academic and career plans.

Gil Gunderson and Glynn Wood recommended that I get involved with the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) conference. This led me to years of involvement with the international group of ASPA.  I wrote the newsletter for eight years for this sub-group.  It also allowed me to engage with the Deans from major universities, simply by attending the ASPA meetings.

MIIS was the first time I ever felt completely at home, completely in sync.  Everyone had similar experiences, similar goals, even if it was in different countries, with different memories.  People could relate.

4) Are you involved with MIIS in other ways in addition to giving?

I’ve tried my best to help in whatever manner I can—mentoring current students, including those interested in careers with the U.S. EPA and general career advising.  I’ve met with interns that were in DC (and at the EPA) over the summer, even temporarily housed some of them! I continue to send in position announcements that may be of interest to current students and alumni.  Whatever is needed, I’m glad to help. It’s just one more way to give back.

5) What is your fondest memory of your time as a student at MIIS?

The talent show [now the MIIS Follies]! My group did a skit about bureaucrats that brought down the house!  It was a terrific way to connect with students from all programs, to share our talents, or lack thereof.

6) Who was your favorite professor at MIIS?

Gil Gunderson from the MPA program was a favorite.  He was thought-provoking.  My MPA classmates were very country-diverse. Our class conversations were equally diverse, and these conversations pushed everyone to think multi-culturally.  Gunderson often led these conversations, and let them continue, recognizing their value.

Another favorite was Howard Anderson, teaching organizational theory.  I had to write an analogy each week, based on case studies.  My favorite essay assignment was an analysis of conforming groups.

7) What words of advice would you give to a current MIIS student?

Use the alumni network.  Ask questions, engage us. We’re here to help.

8) When was the last time you visited campus?

In 2006 when I was on vacation in California.  The last reunion held at Asilomar was also a lot of fun.

9) Are you in touch with your classmates from MIIS?

I have periodic interactions with a small group, a few times a year.

10) Where is the most surprising place that you have encountered a fellow MIIS alum?

My main connections with the MIIS alumni are those that are in the DC area.  But, there’s an indirect family connection with another alumna---my cousin Dean, his wife’s daughter is good friends with an alum –Cameron, who works for a cosmetics company in Japan.