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Carl Fehlandt Scholarship

Professor Carl Fehlandt left a lasting legacy on the Institute's translation program and through the memories of those who knew him. To ensure his legacy lives on through the work of future students, we ask for your support in funding the Carl Fehlandt Endowed Scholarship.

Remembering Carl Fehlandt

Carl is remembered for the countless lives he touched during his almost 40 years at the Institute. He began his tenure as a student and went on to teach Spanish Translation and Interpretation from 1974 onward.

“Carl was a pillar of the translation program. He was more passionate about translation and language than any person that I have ever met. He shared that passion for decades with his students and colleagues and has shaped the professional practice of translators and interpreters,” says Carl’s colleague and former student, Professor Barry Olsen.

Photos of Carl Fehlandt

The Scholarship

To honor Carl and his teaching career, family and friends are funding the Carl Fehlandt Endowed Scholarship which will provide support for Translation and Interpretation students well into the future.

This will be the first endowed scholarship specifically supporting T&I students. With support from many generous donors, we're now only $5,040 short of the $100,000 goal.

You can help make this scholarship possible and provide support for T&I students at MIIS. Please make a gift today in memory of Professor Fehlandt. Visit the secure online giving site below and consider setting up an automatic monthly gift to make an even bigger impact.

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