Multimedia Rights Release

I irrevocably consent to and authorize the use, reproduction and publication by Middlebury College, d.b.a. the Monterey Institute of International Studies ("the Institute") - in any medium - of all forms of media content as indicated by me in this Media Release Form.

I also authorize the use of my name or, if I choose, a fictitious name, in connection with these photographs/recordings and acknowledge the Institute's right to copyright these materials, without compensation to me. I do expect the Institute to contact me in the event my image/recorded interview or performance is needed for a purpose other than those outlined below.

All negatives, positives, and prints of photographs in which my image appears, and all audio and video recordings produced under the terms of this release shall constitute the Institute's sole property or that of the agency that represents the Institute.

The Institute has the right to assign all rights granted to the Institute by this release.

I release the Institute and the publishers of the photographs (and images made from those photographs) this day from all claims, including but not limited to claims for damages to my reputation or right of privacy resulting from publication of the photographs.

By checking the boxes above I have given my consent to the use of the corresponding type of media content.