Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Graduates of the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies (NPTS) program pursue careers promoting the reduction and elimination of weapons of mass destruction and responding to violent terrorist threats.


Employer Testimonial

"[This student is a] conscientious and efficient professional demonstrating advanced critical, analytical and communication skills... [She has a] great sense of responsibility, reliability and committment... [and a] readiness to address new and challenging tasks."

IPSS/IONP Supervisor, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna

Below is key information based on the May, August & December 2012 Alumni One Year Out Survey. Also included are examples of employers who have hired recent graduates and positions held by those graduates:*

Results: 91% of survey respondents employed
Average Annual Salary: $58,533

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Select Position Titles

  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Surveillance Agent
  • Associate
  • Nonproliferation Graduate Fellow
  • Nunn-Lugar Fellow
  • Research Analyst

*Please note that many graduates of this program are not permitted to provide information about their employment.


The following information was gathered by the Center for Advising and Career Services through the summer and early fall of 2014, and reflects the opportunities pursued by continuing students in the International Education Management program during the summer of 2014.

Results: 95% response rate. 95% of students accepted relevant opportunities
Locations: 10 international opportunities were accepted
Average Salary for Paid Opportunities: $19.67 per hour
Average USG Salary: $3,210 per month
Source of Opportunity: 65% MIIS facilitated, 35% student facilitated

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View the full NPTS summer professional development report


Ten-Year Anniversary of IPSS

The International Professional Service Semester program at MIIS is celebrating 10 years of providing immersive learning experiences to students.

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