Career Fair Success

How should I dress for the Career Fair?

Dress for success! We are members of a professional graduate school. For both your own professional image and as a courtesy to our employers and your fellow job seekers, please wear the professional attire associated with formal interviews: suits, jackets and close-toed shoes. Honoring this dress code will be appreciated. 

What time should I arrive to the fair?

Doors will open for students and alumni from 10:00 a.m. and will stay open until 3:00 p.m.  Arrive early to take full advantage of this networking opportunity. Students, remember to bring your MIIS ID to be admitted. 

How many organizations will be at the Career Fair?

For the past several years, we have hosted approximately 100 organizations.

Are there other events happening before the fair?

Yes! Yes! Yes! CACS has designed several workshops to help you prepare. These include resume writing, interviewing, networking and two sessions on how to specifically prepare for the Monterey Institute Career Fair. Some organizations will also be conducting information sessions before and after the fair.

What should I bring to the Career Fair?

Resumes, business cards, notebook or folio (the MIIS folios in the Simoneau House are great!), writing utensils, breath mints, MIIS ID Card and a positive attitude are encouraged but optional. If you are considering printing your own business cards, your CACS advisor can provide information on developing an appropriate card for the event. 

What information do I include in my "elevator pitch"?

When you approach an employer, it's a good idea to be prepared with an elevator pitch to introduce yourself. First learn a bit about the organization and what types of opportunities they have available before you launch into your pitch. Clearly state your name, program of study and career mission in a short, concise statement. The more you practice, the more natural and confident you will sound.

If there is a long line of people waiting at a table, should I just drop off my resume?

NO! This is a networking and opportunities fair. It is important to connect with the organizations and learn about them rather than assume they will be interested in you. If you are truly interested in the organization, you should wait in line and engage in a genuine interaction. Career karma is real. Remember: people get jobs, resumes don't.

How can I best prepare for the Career Fair?

Attend our prep sessions, revise your resume (check out sample resumes on Zócalo!), research the companies that are attending, meet with your advisor, practice your networking skills. Then, on the actual day: arrive well-rested with your morning routine of breakfast and exercise complete.  Plan to be a good listener as well as an articulate speaker for the day.

    How do I follow up after the fair is over?

    You are smart to send a thank-you note to all organizations with which you engaged in a quality conversation. Sent within days after the fair, this will gently remind the person of your potential value to their organization and spark continued conversation.  Your role is to build your network.  Consider asking for their permission to connect virtually through LinkedIn.