Career Fair

Connecting corporations, foundations, government agencies, NGOs and nonprofits to Monterey Institute students.

Students: Stay Connected Every Day to Career Fair Employers

The Career Fair may take place once a year, but we all know that relationships take time to build. We're focused on helping students and organization representatives to begin making connections now and throughout the year.

Career Fair

The Monterey Institute's Career Fair 2014 was held Friday, February 28th at the Monterey Conference Center. This event is known across industries as a premium resource for professional recruitment. Employers comment that MIIS graduate students come with a background in languages, focused global training, and immersive experiences in the field that paired with a strong work ethic present a highly desirable profile. 

Here's a rundown of the day's numbers:

  • 425 Students attended the Fair
  • 250+ Students attended information sessions
  • 45 Alumni attended Career Fair 2014 as job seekers
  • 25 Staff & faculty took part in the day's events
  • 165 Employer representatives
  • 93 Employer organizations
  • 300+ Interviews during Career Week

This is a groundbreaking way for your organization to come alongside the Center for Advising and Career Services with meaningful, focused messages every day to Monterey Institute students.

View the list of participating organizations here.

Contact Information

Please contact Dayton Hughes, Director of Outreach and Employer Relations, for details about the Career Fair.

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